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I am Antonio Lamont Mcdonald Jr a passionate author, novelist, essayist, blogger, and Yoga Instructor; I host The Peace And Love Lifestyle website that creates a spiritual dialogue--through using the novels, stories, essays and the experiences of my life--through the act of writing.
The Peace And Love Lifestyle is a combination yoga/mindfulness space and place for intellectual and spiritual pondering, on the blogs post, classes, and events I explore the meaning of love, suffering, living a spiritual life, and realizing the connection between the entire world. Founded in 2018 on a mission to combat the depression and despair growing in the nation, but transformed into a space that represented my total evolution-spiritually, intellectually, mentally, and artistically- attempting to answer the question on how can we remain in tune with the infinite.

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What People Say

The Peace and Love Lifestyle have been a tremendous tool in expanding my overall personal growth. I always feel a sense of serenity after attending yoga classes. Along with morphing my physical & mental state, The Peace and Love lifestyle continue to empower me through providing supportive mechanisms and lifestyle changes that allow my abilities to be unleashed, explored, and maintained. I 10/10 recommend!

Joyce “Jrob”

Peace & Love Lifestyle Yoga is an authentic yoga practice lead by a seasoned professional who’s both calming and energizing. Tony delivers consistent instruction and provides “variations on variations” so his classes are appropriate for all levels. Students are encouraged to work toward their edge, but also praised for their self-awareness on their personal journey toward that edge. I look forward to attending The Peace & Love Lifestyle Yoga classes; I find them to be engaging and uplifting.

Olivia, “Smiley”

Antonio has been by far the best yoga instructor I’ve ever experienced. He customizes and tailors his sessions to exactly what your goals are. Whether you’re just a beginner or a veteran, he teaches you something new in every class. Every session is a great experience and he keeps you coming back. Joining his yoga sessions has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

TJ, 24 y.o.

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The classes on Patreon are in-depth courses on Hatha, Tantric, Kemetic, and Yin yoga Asanas and philosophy; premium videos devoted to being flexible spiritually, mentally, physically, and mentally. Videos range from 5min to 60min breathing exercises to full on Yoga classes. New videos coming Weekly.