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Welcome to our spiritual, intellectual, and mindfulness space, where we delve into the deep questions about the meaning of life. Through our transformative yoga classes, thought-provoking blog posts, and enlightening Yoga Medicine events, we guide our community towards a life of love, gladness, and purpose. Our founder, a master of his craft, birthed The Peace and Love Lifestyle in 2018 while on a college campus debating the power of prayer. The phrase “Peace and Love” was born, initially aimed at providing an alternative to traditional therapy for depression, anxiety, and PTSD. However, it has since evolved into a dynamic platform that chronicles the boundless potential of discovering our own truth. Our offerings include in-person and virtual yoga classes, tailored events for schools and businesses, and a blog that radiates with the intricacies of life.

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  • Our lives are labors of love. This group explores, and offers support, on what it means to live a tender, thoughtful life of purpose and gladness, wonder-smitten by reality, governed by the understanding that creativity is a combinatorial force: ideas, insights, knowledge, and inspiration acquired in the course of being alive and awake to the world, composited into things of beauty and substance we call our own. 

  • The Pockets Of Peace Online group has live stream journaling, meditation, and stretching classes nightly at 8pm. 
Yin Yoga Class

Virtual Yoga Courses

The Peace and Love Lifestyle Journey

Patreon classes offer:
-Hatha, Tantric, Kemetic, and Yin Yoga Series
-Philosophy conversations
-Videos covering the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical body
-Videos range from 5min-60min
-New videos coming weekly

Team Bailey Fitness:

Group Classes that are hosted at Team Bailey Fitness 3711 W Camp Wisdom Rd, Dallas, TX 75237

The Goal Of Our Pick-Me-Up Yoga classes is to:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps to promote mindfulness
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Improves flexibility
  • Elongates and stretches tight muscles
  • Can promote feelings of deep calm

‘Yin is an incredible amalgamation of yoga postures and Chinese medical theory of energy channels (meridians)’, says de Menthon. ‘The benefits stem from the stimulation of certain energetic pathways that run through our bodies. Due to the intensity of our modern lives, we tend to disrupt the fluidity of our energy which, in Chinese medicine, is explained as “stagnant” energy or “depleted” energy.

"Come to You" Private Yoga Classes:

Each of these classes brings me to your home. Avoiding the traffic, parking issues, and overall lack of desire to be around people through these “Come To You” yoga classes allows you to enjoy our stretching, bending, and twisting classes from the comfort of your home. 

Yoga, meaning “yoke” or “union” of the mind, body, and spirit, was developed over 4,000 years ago as a spiritual practice. It was a way to deepen meditation and gain self-actualization, which is an understanding of one’s intrinsic wholeness and connectedness in the present moment. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali, recognized as the codifier of Yoga, defined Yoga as: “control of the thought waves of the mind” which implies that Yoga as a philosophy and lifestyle practice goes beyond the physical practice of asanas or postures.

There are several practices The Peace and Love Lifestyle uses to align actions with a balanced heart and mind. Every practice aims at aligning us to the tender, thoughtful, and wonder-smitten aspects of reality.

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

  • Resistance Flexibility

  • Acro Yoga

  • Yoga Therapy 


  • Athletes should progress safely. We use techniques that help athletes to work their hardest without overtraining – building stabilization, endurance, strength, and power.
  • All athletes are at risk for injuries. We incorporate Functional Movement Screening to identify and correct imbalances, keeping athletes healthy and playing their sport.
  • Recovery is essential for athletes to release tension, increase ROM, increase oxygen efficiency, ease the mind, and balance out the physical demands and mental stress of the gym/court/field.

Pockets Of Peace:

The Peace and Love Lifestyle is on a mission to Heal our Schools, One breathe at a Time. We offer classes that focus on connecting the mind and body (while also improving something not talked about in schools- The spirit) and focus on enhancing the collective well-being of the school. We aim at assisting people in understanding the importance of “Keeping their Energy.” We aim at helping teachers become their higher self in and out of the classrooms. We partner with schools and districts to enhance the well-being of educators, fostering mindfulness in children that allows them to articulate their issues, and develop a school-wide culture that focuses on aiding teachers in becoming more intentional with their wellness. 

  • S-M-E-P: Why we focus on the 4 subtle bodies of man 
  • SEL Competency Embodiment
  • Equity & Trauma-Informed SEL
  • The 8 S-M-E-P Components
  • Facilitating Wellness Workshops

Poetic Narration- Essays on life from The Peace and Love Lifestyle


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