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Discover Inner Bliss and Empowerment through Yoga

Welcome to The Peace and Love Lifestyle

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Welcome to The Peace and Love Lifestyle, where transformation awaits. Immerse yourself in a world of healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth through the transformative power of yoga. Our mission is to guide individuals on a journey of overcoming traumatic experiences and spiritual challenges, unlocking the path to inner peace and fulfillment.

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Jamie Phillips Tech Teacher

Love that you collaborated with admin to make this part of our intentional professional development, OUTSIDE of traditional duties. Also glad you didn’t let the ice prevent you from sharing this with us.

Jessica Glenn Math Teacher

This was great. For me it reminds me what I need to continue doing.

Amanda Life Teacher

Before I became saved, I struggled with addiction, relationships, and family. Now concentrating on my faith & temple, I work everyday to fight my flesh & work on learned behavior.

Tamera Science Teacher

You’re amazing! Every moment of the class was full of mindfulness which gave me reflection time. In a room full of different energies, because of breathing and stretching techniques, I felt as if it was just me in the room. I was able to lock in as I released everything I experienced from the day. Super appreciative of you.

Christian Math Teacher

Participating in an adult SEL session was refreshing! Many times we give care but how often are we able to care for ourselves? Great job!

Jessica Operations Manager

Didn’t realize how much I needed a good stretch and more time to myself to be still. It was a great experience, thank you!

    Yin Yoga Class

    Unlock the Path to Transformation

    The Peace and Love Lifestyle Journey

    1. Embodied Wisdom: Dive into our Hatha, Tantric, Kemetic, and Yin Yoga Series, carefully curated to cultivate strength, flexibility, and inner harmony.

    2. Illuminating Conversations: Engage in enlightening philosophical dialogues that delve into the timeless questions about existence, consciousness, and the human experience. 

    3. Holistic Wellness: Our comprehensive video library covers the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of well-being. 

    4. Time-Optimized Videos: Whether you have a few minutes or an hour to spare, our videos cater to your schedule and needs. 

    5. Fresh Content Every Week: As a patron, you gain access to new and exciting videos on a weekly basis. 

    Team Bailey Fitness:

    Group Classes that are hosted at Team Bailey Fitness 3711 W Camp Wisdom Rd, Dallas, TX 75237

    The Goal Of Our Pick-Me-Up Yoga classes is to:

    • Reduces stress and anxiety
    • Helps to promote mindfulness
    • Improves joint mobility
    • Improves flexibility
    • Elongates and stretches tight muscles
    • Can promote feelings of deep calm

    ‘Yin is an incredible amalgamation of yoga postures and Chinese medical theory of energy channels (meridians)’, says de Menthon. ‘The benefits stem from the stimulation of certain energetic pathways that run through our bodies. Due to the intensity of our modern lives, we tend to disrupt the fluidity of our energy which, in Chinese medicine, is explained as “stagnant” energy or “depleted” energy.

    A Fruitful Lifestyle Cleanse

    A Fruitful Lifestyle Book

    Introducing “A Fruitful Lifestyle Cleanse”, a transformative book that invites you on a journey of self-discovery and self-care.

    With a focus on holistic wellness, this program/book combines the powerful practices of yoga, juicing, bibliotherapy, and other mindfulness techniques to help you cultivate a more mindful and fulfilling life.


    • 15% off Yogin Fashion Brand
    • 30 day Mindfulness Guide in addition to book
    • First access to courses, live stream classes, and Events

    7 Day Fruitful Lifestyle Cleanse

    Indulge in a transformative experience with our comprehensive plan, which boasts a 7-day supply of nourishing healing juices, as well as a thoughtfully curated book that encompasses the richness of yoga, mindfulness meditations, breathwork exercises, inspiring philosophy, and uplifting bibliotherapy.


    • Athletes should progress safely. We use techniques that help athletes to work their hardest without overtraining – building stabilization, endurance, strength, and power.
    • All athletes are at risk for injuries. We incorporate Functional Movement Screening to identify and correct imbalances, keeping athletes healthy and playing their sport.
    • Recovery is essential for athletes to release tension, increase ROM, increase oxygen efficiency, ease the mind, and balance out the physical demands and mental stress of the gym/court/field.

    Pockets Of Peace:

    The Peace and Love Lifestyle is on a mission to Heal our Schools, One breathe at a Time. We offer classes that focus on connecting the mind and body (while also improving something not talked about in schools- The spirit) and focus on enhancing the collective well-being of the school. We aim at assisting people in understanding the importance of “Keeping their Energy.” We aim at helping teachers become their higher self in and out of the classrooms. We partner with schools and districts to enhance the well-being of educators, fostering mindfulness in children that allows them to articulate their issues, and develop a school-wide culture that focuses on aiding teachers in becoming more intentional with their wellness. 

    • S-M-E-P: Why we focus on the 4 subtle bodies of man 
    • SEL Competency Embodiment
    • Equity & Trauma-Informed SEL
    • The 8 S-M-E-P Components
    • Facilitating Wellness Workshops

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