Patience in the Underground

We can not live without constantly becoming acquainted with patience; the sun can not set, sleep cannot be allowed, the blossoming of our being cannot move deeper into ourselves while ascending to heaven without patience. We must work diligently on becoming patient with endings and beginnings; our lives are a constant set of new beginnings, […]

A journey of Self-Love

I am moved to heal the wounds doubts inflicts upon me; doubt is required to have a successful inner life. I can never know the strength of my sanity if it has never been challenged. The world bombards our mind with assumptions early then, in our ignorance, we move through the world carrying everyone else’s […]

An essay by an Artist that is a Young Man

The purpose of my writing is to help people live; for people to discover the beauty in their lives and know trauma can be accepted. To show myself and the world that loving is possible and we can move through our lives in a consistent recalibration of our peace and accept that eternal dance. My […]

Accepting our personal history.

We must accept the lives we have led, so we can have pride in what is coming; the perception of our lives are drenched in shame, rage, regret, and anger. While life, and also our memory, does not move in a linear fashion–all our memories fall victim to timelines–there is progression; with progression there is […]