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A critique on our Collective obsession with Happiness

The creation of a new reality comes from shaping chaos into sense; the young spiritualist has been awakened, rather quickly and abruptly, to the seriousness and absurdly contradictory nature of life. He is lonely, but his newly acquired principles helps him believe his loneliness serves a greater purpose. After years of liberally giving energy to […]

Fantasy about a woman that does not exist.  

I have an encryption lodged deep within my cerebral that comes and visits when I am alone; she is gorgeous, honest, patient, and contains the qualities of everything I desire in a woman. She accepts me and appreciates my awkwardness and allows me to be fully man and completely me. She is, I believe, a […]

With much difficulty, I have accepted my Americanness 

After years of nationalistic black separatism, I have come to accept my Americanness. I once felt a deep shame and embarrassment being connected to such youthfully obsessed, fearful, patriotic, psychotic people. I unconsciously fell into the notions of white supremacy —  I overlooked the beauty, grace, and accomplishments of black people. Falling into the one-sided notion […]

Healing with a pen/Stop Burning them books

The pen is an instrument of healing; healing is an act of remembrance. The artist’s purpose with the pen is to instruct, and provide every individual, if he/she reads patiently and intently, and the author articulate his point well, with a guiding path for his life. We have a responsibility to recreate, or tell, the […]

I spy with my little eye

People are losing hope in the systems that are set before them; with no relationship to these institutions they are indifferent about their destruction. They are hunting for the language, myths, and rituals to ease their burdens. They are attempting to release themselves from despair and live purposefully through their days. Looking for anything to […]

The Purpose my Philosophy and Art

Philosophy is a combination of two Greek words, philein sophia, meaning lover of wisdom. I am not interested in any wisdom that does not help people gain a deeper appreciation for the world. Most philosophies, it seems, are bound within tall towers of university buildings and tweed suits. And heavily influenced by social scientists and […]