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Our sorrows serve a purpose that comes once we have journeyed through them.

Even though our sorrows may seem eternal they shall pass; as I’ve grown older the statement “Life moves faster as you get older”, said by my uncle at every birthday party, graduation, or funeral has gone from a burden, reminding me of how little time we have on the planet, and transformed into a blessing. […]

A love that consists of two solitudes by Marie Rainer Rilke

As we work towards everything we desire a patient contentment must enter our hearts. Nothing requires more patience than loving another person; love is often rushed by people craving love. I believe, because we know pain, anxiety, loneliness, and insecurity so intimately we desire to love ourselves in the other person. We want this love […]

A deep dark pain trembles through out my life. Poem by Franz Xaver Kappus

Through my life there trembles, without complaintor sighs, a deep, dark pain.My dreams of pure snow blossomsconsecrate the stillest day.But oft my path encountersthe great question. I become smalland cold, like a lakewhose waters I dare not measure.Then a sorrow overcomes me, a sorrowlike the dullest gray of summer nightsthrough which but one star shines.My […]