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Joseph Campbell On Spiritual Rebirth

Sometimes the only way to recognize we’ve aged is through the news of a baby cousins graduation, random aches throughout the body, and photographs that moments trapped in memory. Photographs reveal the illusive nature of time; revealing that with every choice we make the earth shall continue to spin around the sun. I found a […]

Joseph Campbell On Bliss

Most people spend their days doing meaningless activities. Few people have learned to spend their time on a craft that demands our highest selves. We’ve forgotten our beauty. Which leads us to always begging for the eyes of people to save us. As we discover our lives have no purpose we grow wearier and wearier […]

Henry Miller On Surrendering To Life.

We deserve love, but we also must learn to accept love. Our happiness depends on how well we bear our responsibility. Our prayers are manifesting, but the actualization waits on us to allow life to unfold. Because of our own self-denigration, we struggle accepting love, wealth, and even the possibility of peace. Through surrendering we […]