300 week Online journey

Online Patreon Yoga Instruction

With our online yoga program, you’ll zero in on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health, body type and lifestyle. We have carefully selected one of our expert teachers to craft classes that craft a program teaching students to develop a home practice. Our 300 week yoga instruction can help you perfect the basics and expand your yoga practice. We offer prices ranging from $5 a month to $100 a month.


11 Reasons to Try our 300 Pre-Recorded Yoga Classes

  1. Grasp the basics of yoga
  2. Work on specific poses to increase flexibility and improve alignment
  3. Master challenging poses like headstand
  4. Cultivate a therapeutic practice to manage issues like insomnia or low back pain
  5. Improve athletic performance
  6. Develop confidence to practice in group settings
  7. Learn how to modify a practice while healing from injury
  8. Deepen meditation practice
  9. Get tailored adjustments
  10. Explore different styles of yoga
  11. Perfect form in fundamental poses like Chaturanga Dandasana