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About The Peace and Love Lifestyle

An avid reader, voracious writer, devotee of multiple forms of yoga, and the operator of this website, I am Antonio Mcdonald. In 2018, I created The Peace and Love Lifestyle to contribute my intellectual, physical, and mental energy to helping people live a spiritually guided, purposeful, and inspired way of life through teaching yoga courses. Soon, as a lover of writing, the website became a place to display the evolution of my spirit, and attempts to make sense of the world; The Peace and Love Lifestyle is a record of my intellectual and spiritual development to becoming a fully realized human being. This site represents a “Yes to Life” approach to existence and contains content that attempts to nurture the spirit of anyone stumbling onto the page. Through suffering and times of growth, I teach through my classes and writings, acceptance and maturation in response to experiences.

What will I be writing about?

You will be reading a philosopher’s attempt to understand the universe; to embrace the entirety of his spirit–from the grandiose to the most intimate– and move closer into fullness and wellness. Every post will be an internal dialogue with my spirit, but also my picture of the whole world. These writing are ancestrally guided and is my contribution to the world; writing is my service to the community. Below are hand-picked favorites from readers that I hope you enjoy.
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