About Us

About The Peace and Love Lifestyle

Antonio Mcdonald began practicing yoga at the age of vedic style yoga at the age of 14.

Peace and Love Lifestyle Classes are influenced by a decade of study and practice of the Indian lineage of hatha yoga – with an emphasis on yoga as a spiritual practice and the Asthanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Viniyoga styles and trauma-informed approaches.
Classes encourage student exploration and consideration of the eight limbs of yoga in each class.  Peace and Love  Yoga’s classes emphasize spirituality, diversity of personal practice, breathing, concentration, meditation, mindfulness, body awareness, and physical exercises to support students’ overall wellness goals.
Peace and Love Yoga intentionally creates a welcoming and positive learning environment that encourages self-acceptance, accessibility of yoga postures, and individual-paced progress.
 Classes often use curated musical selections consistent with yogic principles to enhance the environment for those who appreciate a practice that incorporates secular music.


Kemetic Yoga

We offer these yoga classes fused with the Yoruba/ Kemetic Healing philosophy.


The Peace and Love Kemetic yoga classes aim to welcome new students to yoga and create a sense of an uplifting and supportive spiritual community.
These specialized classes highlight the connection between yogic philosophy and Black heritage and cultural practices. Always focusing on the general need of the student.  While, other classes focus on using spirituality and wellness practices in response to specific conditions that plague the Black community in Baltimore.
All of The Peace and Love Lifestyle yoga classes emphasize the application of spiritual and wellness practices to ease trauma, encourage healthy coping mechanisms, improve wellness, and build resilience to the stressors of life.
All classes are highly adaptive and provide students of all levels with options for attaining and exploring the benefits of yoga.

The Yoruba Healing Philosophy

According to the Ifa Corpus, the “ajogun” is the cause of all chronic diseases. Nature (Ashe) has made us so that our spirit instinctively operates according to the seven Orishas, or divine attributes. Every human ailment can be classified according to which of these angelic forces is disrupted at the time. In Yoruba teachings ajogun (demons) is the term used for negative tendencies in the mind/spirit. The Orishas are the heaven-sent forces of purity that combats them. Each Orisha exists in us as our divine nature for alignment with our Creator, and our higher evolution, because everything in nature expands, evolves, and grows. As you increase in Cosmic Intelligence, you will live according to the seven principles of life:


  1. Ifarabale: Composure

  2. Owo: Respect

  3. Suuru: Patience

  4. Eso: Caution

  5. Imo: Knowledge

  6. Ogbon: Wisdom

  7. Oye: Understanding


Then and only then will you open the “third eye of Orunmila”, Cosmic Consciousness and live in harmony with the universe. The goal of Yoruba diagnosis is to get in touch with the interaction of your internal Orishas, with the rhythms of the universe, and with the spiritual forces which have their impact on the human Ashe, or essence. When you are able to bring your mind, and spirit to that, and feel the flow of the internal Orishas, you are experiencing a re-alignment with universal One-ment. This is why rhythmic dance, movement and music along with the Plants of the earth are so important in African medicine. Because they connect us to the three principal forces: Nature, Spirit, and physical form, which lead to an improved healing process and a return to health.