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Augustine’s Confessions on enjoying the day

Our futile attempts at clinging to the future causes more pain than the moments of illusory pleasure that has our focus; the present demands our undivided attention, the only preparation for the future is a complete investment in the present. We are constantly confronted with challenges, ills, tests, and obstacles that eventually, often beyond our recognition, shape the people we eventually become; I am a man, I am a God, as the philosophers say, treats living fully and loving deeply as a badge of righteousness. Every moment of my life has become a test for proof of my resilience, patience, and discipline as I move toward my ideal life. There is a term i have developed for my life that is called “Noble Suffering” and it’s a concept that I am working on mastering; suffering nobly is the act of raising your head against troubles and maintaining our spirits while going through tribulations. I believe, through noble suffering–if there is even such a thing–that man become God, but I am more focused on being an example that God resides in every part of my life. As we seek to live in the present and overcome the tendency to rely on a idealistic future by resting the depths of being alive we discover creative solutions to dealing with the internal puzzle of our daily lives.

As a people we ask, “How do we make it through the day, and how do we prepare for tomorrow”; how does our anxiety cease, how does our smile remain, how can we find and maintain love, and how can we survive while appreciating the people that love and value us knowing it will all come to an end. How can we live deeply in our current life through all the pain, fear, and doubt without hoping for an idealistic life of ever lasting peace and Edenic bliss believing once all our goals are accomplished and we have everything we have ever dreamed of having happiness will bestow itself upon us forever? We have to face ourselves and not define our value by anything other than the love sitting within our hearts; first, we have to discover our hearts in order to brace ourselves for the day. We must decide if the people we desire to become can result in the lives we are choosing, for every choice we make inevitably becomes us; those that seek peace will find peace, if our mission is communion with our hearts then one day we will stumble upon its contents. But beauty is often found when we aren’t seeking, we must acknowledge when our internal voice has spoken; if we can make room for breathe, laughter, intention, and gratitude then our days will be filled with joy. Our relationship with the day is made through simultaneously creating and confronting the spaces in our lives that demand faith.

The most difficult choice anyone can made is a devotion to fulfilling our internal responsibility in order to be of service on the planet, and in order for us to let the sun set with gratitude the choices made during the day must align with the people we wish to become. So much of our days are taken away from us and spent on other people, jobs, businesses and with the little free time taken by us we must enter our hearts. We must make the attempt to enter a space of solitude and communion with the divinity guiding our lives. We have to sit down and make room for divinity and involve ourselves in the supreme focus of the hour, ourselves; although, some may condemn me for my vagueness, and claim me of being inconsiderate to our exhausted reservoir of energy from dealing with the world. But it is within this exhaustion that we find our spiritual reserve, as Elijah was alone in the desert praying for death the angel came and touched his shoulder; Aset was told to not grow weary in her journey in gathering the pieces of Asar to resurrect his body. We must discover our path to connecting with the divine; many place candles strategically across wooden tables alongside Oshun statues that are encircled around rocks that match the colors associated with Tantric chakra philosophy. Many also sit with their legs beneath them as Christ hangs above them holding with heart staring down at a noble follower. Our way of discovering the contents of our hearts in based on the inclination of our personality.

Blessings and hardships are inseparable from life; life will confound is with the outcome of moments that seemed insufferable. I believe, in order for us to fully appreciate life we must be at a constant search for balance and reconfiguration; which is achieved through a love for the present and regular communion with the heart. We must spend our days in communion and rejoice in the beauty of the present; as we sit within our hearts and remember righteousness is a demand of life. Salvation is achieved through an acknowledgement of our sins; accepting our faults, embracing our failures, and living our truth gives us the mercy to stumble day in and day out and continue embracing our dying days with aliveness. Our days will end and only presence can allow us to embrace temporality and live for eternity.