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The Hero Journey

The Hero Journey by Joseph Campbell might be the most needed text for our spiritual debasement. We contain the same stardust as Buddha, Christ, Shakespeare,

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Mastering The Spiritual World.

The masters live between two worlds. Our heroes reside in the eternal and the temporal receiving information and actualizing them in present time. Becoming symbols;

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Henry Miller On Love

If we knew our worth we would spend more days alone. Instead, like hopeless romantics we accept everyone in order to fall in love. However,

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Anais Nin On Artistry

We need a kind of talk between strangers that drops the veil of strangeness and leads to intimacy. James Joyce and Anais Nin call this

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Anais Nin On Adventure

We create a sense of adventure through writing, painting, and creation, for writing is learning to love again. A sense of meaning carries us through

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Anais Nin On Reading

Our spirits are revealed through the content that nourishes our soul. There is no such thing as a bad artist only a artist that we

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