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Anais Nin On Faith

The energy beyond our eyes speaks in metaphors, symbols, synchronicities, and dreams, for only a few can bear the naked truth. The wisdom that produces

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Anais Nin On Dreaming

It is easy to forget that we are being guided by something that vibrates beyond our eyes. Dream serve the purpose of guiding us toward

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Anais Nin On Love

We depend on one another. We depend on people to provide the sustenance to make it through our days. Our self-knowledge increases as we learn

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Anais Nin On Destiny

What we create from the chaos of our lives is dependent on how we bear our suffering, fears, and doubts. For life requires us to

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Anais Nin On Independence

The people we admire–the artists, thought-leaders, painters, and craftsman–have found a way to overcome the obstacles that continuously limit us gaining an admirable independence. These

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Anais Nin on Faith

In a world that always seems to conspire against our growth we must maintain faith in the purposefulness of our suffering. Believing every suffering, pain,

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James Baldwin On Humanity

Addressing his nephew, James Baldwin On Humanity compares the conditions psychologically separating generations–the life his father lived and the life of his nephew. However, while

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