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Olusola Adebiyi On Mindfulness.

Every individual must define masculinity, femininity, and mindfulness from the rhythm discovered through living internally. We are forced to craft an individual identity without knowing

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Alain De Botton On Love

Every heartbreak, disappointment, and failure contains a lesson that will nurture our spiritual evolution. Without gaining wisdom from pain we are bound to endlessly repeat

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Alain De Botton On Happiness

Maybe because we’ve grown accustomed to our poverty, become acquainted with our loneliness, and developed such an intimate relationship with our sadness we are unable

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Lessons on Love

This is an extremely difficult record to assess. A gunman walked into a LBGTQIA+ club in Colorado, and opened fire on the human beings inside.

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Joan Didion On Beauty

Some days we are called to travel-whether by bus, plane, train to release the energy trapped by routine and mundanity. This creative or sexual energy,

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Alain De Botton On Healing

Sadness comes like the wind, or a sudden sickness that demands bedrest, but some days it’s purely inarticulable. The sick mind journeys our memory for

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Hemingway On Lost Love

Every moment that time zips and flies and dips and runs away we become the habits within that movement. Daily, hourly, and minutely we become

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