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Stretching Packages

Our all-inclusive packages allow you to easily get started with performance training! Just choose how many private lessons.
Have a jam packed schedule with practice, games, and school? We take the stress out of scheduling by helping you to create a customized training schedule based on your personal commitments. You’ll receive a calendar that includes your weekly practice schedule, school schedule, commitments, private lessons, and recommended on-demand classes.

Private Classes

 Each class is tailored exactly to your unique goals, needs and body. Classes are scheduled around your busy life and take place at the location of your choice.
Practicing yoga one-on-one with a professional allows you to learn how to practice properly.
Breath is key. Often referred to as prana, or life force, the breath is an essential tool not just in yoga, but also off the mat in our day to day lives.

Team Stretching

Our sport-specific athletic training helps make teams sharper and stronger.
We work with teams of all sizes (middle school, high school, club, college, and professional) on sport performance, recovery, and jump training.
Does your team or club have more than 12 athletes? Get a quote!
We come to your facility!*