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Pockets Of Peace Program
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The Peace and Love Lifestyle is on a mission to Heal our Schools, One Sacred Space at a time. We offer integrative activities, reflections, journaling, and book readings during our sessions that aim at building a mindfulness community. We partner with schools and districts to enhance the well-being of educators, which in turn fosters mindfulness in our scholars that allows them to articulate their issues, and develop a school-wide culture that focuses on aiding teachers in becoming more intentional with their wellness.

Price: $ 500.00
Our 1hr series of guided exercises and meditations, participants will learn techniques to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and improve their overall well-being.
Price: $ 2,000.00
Foundation Package: One 2-hour Professional Development Session for your staff.
Price: $ 2,500.00
Impact Package: Two 2-hour Professional Development Sessions for your staff
Price: $ 3,000.00
Four 2-hour Professional Development Sessions for your staff
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We are confident that you will find the implementation of these classes for educators to be a valuable investment in the professional development of your staff.
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