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Death and Life sits besides us

Death is an acceptance of life, and to live is an acknowledgement of death, an opportunity for us to gain a deeper relationship with the present; a new day begins the moment we open our eyes, and the day we thought we knew has ended. The night comes quicker than the sun rose, and we have to accept that we are simultaneously living and dying. 

Beginnings are continuously unfolding before us; not merely a physical beginning but the beginning of new outlooks, new consciousness, new myths for the psyche, new relationships to our spirit. If life did not follow beside death there would be no existence; if death did not follow beside life. we would be trapped in history. There would be nothing new, all would be a crude regurgitation of the day before; man must act in accordance with this paradoxical nature of existence by a combination of accepting, being, and acting. Only with the acceptance of death can we prevent ourselves from being locked into wishful fantasies; only through being can we experience the fullness of the world around us. Only through acting, willpower, can we create a future that doesn’t, completely, mimic our past; through willpower we discover progression. A celebration of life is an acceptance of the differentiation of the world: fullness and emptiness, living and dead, light and darkness, hot and cold, time and space, good and evil, the beautiful and the ugly. Neither truth can be denied and in all our pursuits we find yin and yang locked in an eternal dance. So in order to appreciate life’s bountifulness, to avoid a complete remission and dejection of the world, we must celebrate the cruel contradictions of life. We are approaching an age that is demanding us to recognize the multiplicity and diversity of living. All that happens is for our destruction and resurrection; we must be willing to die.

Unconsciously, we become a manifestation of the dead parts of our past; we are living what we gave our attention to in those moments. Because you become your past, death must be examined and respected; we pass through evolutions that go unnoticed, but we live in a world of habits so we have to become aware of the way we live our lives. Through life we carry our dead selves everywhere; forever interwoven on a tightrope of possibility. Knowledge allows us to make choices that can help us live more intune to the purpose of our spirits. Ignorance is an avoidance of the truth and those that ignore death are stuck in an illusion bringing themselves closer to danger. Knowledge and ignorance are wound together, and those that can not accept the fact of pursuing knowledge and the inevitable reality of always being ignorant about the future will prevent themselves from living life. 

Because people cannot live, they are miserable; you can see the miserableness all around us. Either locked within the chains of reason or obsessed with superstition, we have only accepted one side of life and resist embracing the unknown. We must free ourselves to the fullness of life by taking our wisdom everywhere we go; never leaving our wisdom and willingness to be ignorant on the table, but carrying them like the swords of Micheal and Uriel. We must move forward through the barriers in our pursuit to eternal light; instead men have suffered rigamortis, spiritually and physically, trapped in the pain and sorrow of the past, repeating their ignorance for eternity. We must become our own murderers and provide the knife; we must become our own healers and provide the medicine. This knowledge is our ultimate responsibility, but we desire to remain childlike and foolish; when we sacrifice our laziness and accept the magnitude of this responsibility our world shall become fruitful and bountiful by being watered with the truth of our experience. We shall find ourselves wandering through heaven with the Gods and we shall sprout from the earth and rise.

Life in Death
by Luke Horowitz and Landon Culberson

Ezekial asked, “Oh lord can these bones live”; everything runs its course, and we cannot step outside the process of life and death. We are all on the planet for a mere moment, and the ending of this moment is the beginning of another. Man has been a conduit between potentialities since he ate the apple and became burdened with freedom; we are a gateway between the destruction of the world and the celebration of it. How many of us contain the strength of Christ? How many of us can resist the temptation of the Devil and live within the parameters of moral systems and righteousness? How many of us can stick to diets, stay away from our exes, pray faithfully, stand by our words? We, alone, hold the power to either destroy the world or celebrate the Gods; we can either continue to make all our pursuits external or dive into our souls and live internally. The world is divinity, but man has forgotten his own. The inner world is our mission; our one guiding goal. Nothing stands between us and our inner world, and the entire history of the world moves between these bones; we have to remember that man is a gateway of the coming and passing of the entire world. Man is eternal in every moment, and recognizing the eternal nature of his being creates an opportunity to remove himself from ignorance.

Can we embrace the stranger that appears every morning? We cling to the idea that we are the same as we were the night before, but only through the acknowledgement of our newness can we develop compassion, and love, for the whole. Death can become a long peace, a cover of protection because in the midst of life begins death. If we are unable to unite the complexity of life we shall become cruel and bitter; we must live in love to prevent ourselves from becoming barren. Barrenness is not a place for creativity, spontaneity, or loving ourselves; we must consciously and voluntarily devote ourselves to diving into our inner worlds and discovering ourselves. We can not be bound to the world, but must allow people to live, so we can live. If we remain bound to an image of ourselves, death cannot begin a new life inside us, so people fear death and never allow themselves to blossom. Only by going internally can we learn to love from a healthy distance without attempting to impose our discoveries on other people. If we want to remain in love we must overcome comparison, our heroic nature, and impatience; all these are hindrances to becoming more loving. Loving is difficult, but it is our only hope in reconciling our freedom. We can not maintain our conflict with the world anymore because every part of our existence is a combination of the elements around us. However, we are attempting to remain faithful to love; requiring us to take our own life into our own hands. Live our own life without any imitation; the time has come for us to do the work for our resurrection. We have done a lot of good, but continuously misusing our time when we have better things to be doing. Discovering our internal source must become our mission and our ultimate goal so we can do everything necessary for ourselves.

I am not attempting to overlook torment, loneliness, indecision,or the pain of a loved one leaving unexpectedly from our lives. My attempt is for us to acknowledge ourselves and everything happening around us; death offers no preparation and provides no answer, but only demands acceptance. Our response is to live righteously in the beauty of suffering; we have to give ourselves time to deal with the universality of our situation. We must not imitate anyone’s life, and we must not criticize or judge but only love compassionately. The deeper we go into our internal world, I believe, the more we connect to the world around us. Then we discover death is an opportunity for community, a sacred space that allows us to transform and become. We must focus on allowing our hearts to lead us through the uncertainty of life, and give ourselves to the present. Every action we take death and life sits beside us; in every choice we move towards life or death. However, without any action, whatsoever, we move towards death, so life and love is purely a voluntary choice. Because we can transcend these vessels at any moment of our lives,but to live we must act. With every new moment another dies and with every death a new moment begins.