Find Your Intention.


Man often struggles to solidify his intentions. He stumbles, wavers, and loses his balance when confronted with the simple question, "What is your intention?" Without a clear reason for our actions, once adversity takes hold, our pursuit of our divine calling often dwindles into nothing more than an elusive wish or a distant dream, seemingly beyond our reach. We find ourselves in an era saturated with despair, where thoughts of suicide loom on the horizon for many. The need for a compelling purpose to exist becomes paramount. Why should we live? What compels us to keep fighting when every battle appears unending? Why should we remain teetering on the precipice of ending our own lives? You need to Find Your Intention.

In this journey, one must summon the courage to confront life's intricacies with unwavering intimacy. While seeking inner peace, we often look to external sources for solutions to our predicaments. While seeking guidance from others is at times necessary, we must exercise caution not to become excessively dependent. Yet, amidst this caution, we should bear in mind that as imperfect beings, we inherently require guidelines, templates, blueprints, and maps to navigate our path.

"The Guru Drinks Bourbon" is a remarkable book that provides spiritualists with the guidance needed to connect with spiritual mentors. In a world consumed by finance and intoxicated by power, it is rare for us to acknowledge our spiritual depletion and seek out Doctors of the soul. However, we are advised to be clear about our reasons for seeking a Guru. Khyentse Norbu distinguishes between three types of Gurus: The Outer Guru, The Inner Guru, and The Secret Guru. The outer Guru is the physical person who leads us, the inner Guru is the constant source we can connect with, and the secret Guru is the realization that you are the ultimate source. You hold the keys to your own escape, elevation, transcendence, and enlightenment. You are the Guru. You are the Buddha. This isn't something found in substances like shrooms or DMT; the mind itself is the wellspring of everything. Once we identify and maintain our intention, we can achieve anything.

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