People are losing hope in the systems that are set before them; with no relationship to these institutions they are indifferent about their destruction. They are hunting for the language, myths, and rituals to ease their burdens. They are attempting to release themselves from despair and live purposefully through their days. Looking for anything to explain all the pain, confusion, disillusionment, and despair; maybe then we can allow ourselves to live hopeful in the present. The swiftness people fall out of analysis paralysis, double thinking anxiety, despair, and unhealthy rumination on their traumas when they discover a place for their hope. There is a belief that the amelioration of the conditions in our lives — a higher position, more money, straight A’s, a partner, marriage, the growth of our business, a baby, a degree — will improve our spiritual and mental state, but only when we recognize struggle as an opportunity for transcendence, can we move towards a state of equanimity.

“The vision people hold of the world to come is but a reflection, with predictable wishful distortions, of the world in which they live.”

— James Baldwin

The purpose of spirituality, I believe, is a deep appreciation and acknowledgement of the sun, our bodies, the moon, our emotions, and everything that helps the world spin and move; spirituality is the source of purpose and the fuel to pursue the unseen. Not merely for the acquisition of goals, but in the pursuit of making sense out of nonsense. We light crystals, pray, meditate, visualize, journal, tarot, and watch self-appointed astrologers to get through the day. But we must ask the question, what are we truly pursuing? We are in pursuit of everything we believe we lost, and making the useless attempt to move away from everything we hate about the people around us. However, we discover the more judgement we have — of our mother, co-workers, father, the world — the more we become our judgement. Without an progressive acceptance of all our pretensions we are destined to become everything we hate. We say the pulpit failed us, and our parents weren’t devoted to the rituals of Christendom, but the discipline required in our practice is met with the same lethargy and inconsistency. It becomes our responsibility to create the space to of catharsis, scream, holler, gyrate, and meditate to transcend the burdens of the moment.

“I know that people can be better than they are. We are capable of bearing a great burden, once we discover that the burden is reality and arrive where reality is.”- James Baldwin

However, through all the self-help gurus, hyper-connectivity, spiritual bankruptcy, the children have been introduced to a new language. While the meaning is still being worked through in their understanding, they are attaching little stigma to the words depression, anxiety, suicide, and pain that was commonly repressed and hidden only a generation before. They have the language to expressed their pain, but lack the sight in antagonistic cooperation; they are living with an acknowledgement of fate, but with no hope. We must accept the difficult, disappointing, chaotic, absurd and live in communion with the essential elements of life. Our deepest bliss are contained with our responses to the experiences in our lives. The need for teachers, examples, for the children is become more apparent with the growth of their unmanageable intelligence.

Not everyone is meant to become teachers, but everyone is meant to study and learn. We must learn the level of endurance required by an individual in pursuit of one goal; we must exemplify the fearless of adversity as an inescapable condition. To live we must fight and discover the depth of purpose in the daily and eternal battles for our heroic endeavor. Spirituality instead of focusing on the aesthetic appreciation of the world has become a nationalistic theology of pseudo-scientific research and renunciation of involvement in the world. The price of acceptance into wokeness is your individuality and blind commercialized collectivism of dashikis and crystals. But while the conversations have become racist, fascist, polemical, and contradicting, people are discovering a path to healing. That path, however, cannot be at the sake of someone else’s humanity.

“Solitude gives birth to the original in us, to beauty unfamiliar and perilous — to poetry. But also, it gives birth to the opposite: to the perverse, the illicit, the absurd.”
― Thomas Mann, Death in Venice and Other Tales

Joseph Campbell said follow your bliss, but some stick to what looks like would be blissful and grab hold of it until they’ve squeezed all the potential out of it. We need leaders, spiritualists, and teachers that have found their bliss from the resources inside themselves. For a moment, everyone needs to isolate themselves from the world to discover their internal voice. We are suffering because of a lack of certainty and faith in our voices. So often discipline, focus, concentration, and love rest behind the ability to be alone with ourselves. Isolation and transcendence is the path of bliss through the absurdity of our lives.

We each dance, uniquely, alone and must gain the courage to follow, develop, and recognize the value of following our divine path. The acknowledgment and recognition of the complexity of emotion and experience requires complete concentration on every moment. We become aligned with the potential for divine assistance, and that involves integrated our fears. To overcome suffering is to accept suffering as an essential part of life and discover the internal well-spring of beauty contained in the depths of our being. Suffering is apart of destroying our identities, but the destruction of the old image is the accept of the new fresh, clean and new that comes after. A change in the patterns of conscious and unconscious life are being demanded; we must accept responsibility for our lives and celebrate in the joy of living and antagonistic cooperation. We carry in us the disturbing promise and terror of the mythological realm, and our response to it determines the reconstruction of our world.