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Joseph Campbell on your life is the fruit of your own doing. Becoming a Hero through trusting life.

Mindfulness teaches us to be sensitive of the internal complexity happening within our being, and through this path we develop empathy for the world. When I learned why I respond to chaos with so much fear, anxiety, and apprehension, the world opened itself before me and I discovered my brother suffering from the same ogres. As I walked along the path of spirituality, or the path of breathe, healers, teachers, and lovers came into my life offering wisdom, and would depart soon after. I began to understand that everyone serves a purpose in our lives; the people that judged us, insulted us, loved us, hugged us, and contributed to our insecurities were all contributors towards the people that we are in this moment. However, there were periods where there was no recognizable love, and I found solitude in books and stories that provided insight on developing the characteristics required to become heroic; books provided me with a level of intimacy that eased the pain of my loneliness.

The world is lonely, which is why so many people walk the crowded path, but walking the untraditional path, the path of the heart, requires a strength that will be challenge by anxiety, family, and the expectations of the world. This path is a synthesis between the people we use to be and the people we desire to become; the rewards of this path are subtle, there are no parties or rewards or trophies, but its a willingness to give the day another try when the sun signals the universal roll call. We discover our rhythm through opening our hearts to life, the love and the terror, and transcend the illusion of separation through realizing everything we feel the world feels. A hero develops his nimbleness, willingness to be spontaneous, and continually commits to life; perfection is for Gods, but persistence is for heroes.

Viracocha, the creator deity of Inca mythology.
Supay, Incan god of death and darkness.

Life will provide the tools to move through everything that comes our way, given we trust the process; the process will leave us unrecognizably altered internally, but hope and faith are require to reach ourselves. Because it is often impossible to see what the future holds for us anxiety envelops our hearts, fear and excitement are reflections of one another; jealousy and developing higher standards for the choices of our lives are reflections. We must accept protection is order to receive divine grace, or being destroyed by chaos will be inevitable. The willingness to live is an internal declaration by the soul; we must come to understand that happiness will not come from any accomplishment, reward, job, or situation but must be discovered within the heart of every journeyman. Chaos and love are both eternal; we require new tools, duties, and prerogatives as we walk along the path of mastery. Absolute good and absolute bad do not exist, for every event contains both; we discover our rhythm through this eternal revelation.