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Unveiling Wholeness: Your Journey with the World's Premier #1 Wholeness Company

Listen to the muses, the spirits, and your internal voice.

Homer invoked the muses, Aset was called when the limp needed healing, Michael restored Daniels strength; we call it divine inspiration. These stories are a stylization of life; these myths help us on our personal path to supreme internal meaning. All these instances of Godly inspiration and Divine assistance are attempts– by something both internal and external– to lead us down the path of righteousness. These messages cannot be taken for granted; ignoring these messages–most believing they are fantasies of unimportance, believing it’s just the frivolous activity of the unconscious mind–creates a longer walk for us to seize the advancement of our lives. Recognition of divinity is an aspect of spiritual inspiration, and so many people live closing their eyes and ears to the world around them and inside of them. We do not know what lies on the other side of all our pain, repression, turmoil, tiredness, anger, and jealousy. The only way we can revolutionize our world, and, of course, I mean our internal world, is by following these messages and allowing our hearts to lead the way. We carry every church, monastery, yoga studio, desert, and temple inside ourselves; our souls waiting for us to embrace a life of solitude, so we can listen to the messages. We do not have to believe in muses, Aset, or an Angel coming to heal Daniel, but that voice inside saying follow your heart, make that jump, start that business, love that woman, love that man, leave that woman, leave that man are angels begging for recognition. And once we recognize that voice, we must follow it; by going deeper into our solitude we move closer than ever before to men.

The ability to interpret and apply these messages comes when we create a space of solitude; they come within aloneness, nature, meditations, lovers, conflict in the next path, and even challenging the presumptions of your age. We do not like what was said, or, even worse, we do not want to appear superstitious, so we ignore messages that need our attention. Also, listening is difficult and requires your full attention; space must be created that allows us to sit down and do nothing, but listen to ourselves. Those we admire most credit a divine source for their inspiration, but we are too afraid to trust ours, so we shun our divinity. We all contain both light and dark, good and bad, beauty and ugliness. Messengers do not discriminate against who they speak to, but those able to translate the message are often honest people. This is an internal honesty; an ability to tell yourself the truth concerning your life. We are also constantly being spoken to and the reason we cannot interpret these voices is because we don’t know which voice to listen to. When this happens stagnation, inconsistency, procrastination, and fear arises because we are unable to move towards our center. We must, however, go to the source; we must use the noise to discover our peace. We must discover what makes the voices quiet; what makes them calm and produce an internal silence. That silence is creation, and the creation is silent; many of us find our source stumbling in the dark until we’ve developed the space to attach ourselves to it wholeheartedly. This becomes a continuous search for the truth; a personal, internal, sojourn through the mind, body, and soul allowing us to make the courageous attempt to become.

Our lives resemble a mandala; we must begin to travel towards our center. Sometimes it seems we make no progress, or we have failed to move our life forward, but only through grace, internally, can we accept that something has shifted within our spirits. Whether it took you 20 years to leave a toxic relationship, or many failures to get your business finally off the ground, or you did not know how the book was going to begin; we’ve made progress, an inch is a step forward. To live we must be open to new challenges, new acceptances, new forgiveness; our responsibility rests on our ability to listen internally. We must live this life, and we must listen to this life. An inability to listen, receive the message, and act is a plague on humanity which results in an uncourageous, hateful, and extremist people; when we listen, especially the artist, we discover the source that guides us on our experience. The conditions that shaped, molded, and touched us all create a persona that often does not recognize our totality. Through listening to the messages of our guides we discover a deeper connection to our internal world.