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Life ends, but Love anyway

Being in love is accepting you can never completely understand our beloved. You may never understand the reason you love them; even with the surest and purest exclamations declaring the uniqueness of your love. When someone asks, “what do you love about them, ” what is your response. Because our response is similar to the beginning of a past relationship; we all might pause and realize this relationships same potential fate. Their past, for both of you, exist in fragmentations and attempts to understand the person they’ve become in that moment. Every story we tell is only a fractured attempt to explain our current and assumed, identity. Love is, I believe, accepting the facts of life; such as the complexity, unpredictability, and impermanence of our time on this planet. We can not love anything without accepting these truths; whether the love ends tragically or, like my great-grandparents, until death do us part. Listening to our inner voice is the means of this acceptance and following that voice through our odyssey of love.

Proceed with your heart and follow it confidently; even if you have lost the path and wandered fearfully for some time. Only with the help of your heart can we move through the wilderness of discontentment and gain contentment. We all have once moved through the world with a burdened soul; influencing every romantic, friendly, casual, and revolutionary connection in our lives. We have to take a moment and appreciate the end of an experience. Like the rise of the sun filling the dark with light, and the moon bringing that darkness to reign; every ending brings a new beginning. If we have not fully accepted its ending; then we will be unable to hear the path of the next road. The man with a burdened past is creating a bulwark between his present contentment and the spontaneity of the future. A burdened mans desire for experience is similar to licking your fingers and extinguishing a flame, then quickly removing your hand hoping you have not burned your fingers. There is a bulwark between him, spontaneity, and moving forward in his journey. Using your resources is learning to utilize your eyes to find examples of faith, trust, and consistent love. Resources includes books, mentors, ancestors, and learning to create your own definitions; then, living your life through your own language. We have a tendency to overlook the journey we have already taken; many of us are very familiar with the valleys of the shadows of death. I understand the fear of truthfully reflecting on the walk through the valley, but reflection and appreciation leads to gentleness. Through the gunshots, razor blades, heartbreaks, mistakes; we are still here with a chance to rise with the universal morning roll call.

What you live by is what will ultimately kill you, and since we become what we give our attention to; we die by the rules, patterns, habits, choices, and unpredictable outcomes of the lives we lead. If we do not embrace impermanence and interrelatedness of our existence; we will live with an unmovable and unbendable resistance to the flow of life. We will never learn to appreciate and use the time. Love will pursue those with a heart, but love will sustain those with a will. While unpredictable and transforming; love offers the burdened man a proper value of time. This reorientation of importance must be allow us to properly value the importance of the present. No matter the depth or darkness of the valley; describe the walls, speak with the shadows, and walk through the valley with an awareness of the journey taken.

Happiness is a blessing that is often blocked by a fear of itself; which goes into our resistance, and lack of acceptance, of impermanence. Why are we so reluctant to give up the past, and cling so deeply to a idealistic future? This reluctance is preventing us from the pleasures of the present; fearing the end so deeply we never allow beginnings. The man with no relationship to his past exists in a cycle of lamentations and a loss of pleasure; while terrifying, happiness is a realistic acceptance of your present situation. Once this happiness and acceptance is willed; we can begin our love for the world and not hide behind idealistic fantasies of progress.

Because we are afraid of being hurt; we are unable to listen to the voices inside ourselves and live contently in the present. Maybe because we look at the past with such utopian bliss; we are unable to accurately assess its truths. The past was just as painful, dissatisfying, and anxious; change in our world comes when faith, trust, and acceptance becomes a guiding force is our lives. Every movement towards righteousness and every book written for the development of the consciousness of mankind has sustained itself from that source. Accepting impermanence is listening to the guiding voice of the present and learning to follow that sound through our love odyssey.