How To Find Success


The goal of our time on this planet is to “Know Ourselves.” However, this saying, in our present era and within our nation, appears to be an exceedingly challenging endeavor in a world structured to disconnect us from our true selves. Achieving mastery over our minds and cultivating a wholesome self necessitates the elimination of unproductive elements. In doing so, we foster a consciousness of success, which is not necessarily predicated on accumulating the latest jewels or material possessions. Instead, it revolves around living in alignment with our purpose and fearlessly pursuing our objectives. This mode of existence emanates from a profound wellspring of confidence that resides in our hearts. The School Of Metaphysics asserts that our divine mission lies in operating within the framework of universal laws. Teaching us How To Find Success proclaiming:

It is our duty to understand ourselves and the universe we live in so we may develop our wisdom, love, power, friendship, and enlightenment. As we as individuals grow and benefit, we understand the keys to happiness and have more to offer others. We have plenty, more than we alone can use. When we harmonize our minds with the universal law of abundance this is always true.

Many among us find ourselves leading lives we never consciously selected. We serve as nurses, driven by a profound desire to offer assistance, albeit in unconventional manners. We toil as computer engineers, harboring a fervent affection for coding, yet our true aspiration lies in crafting the future. We assume the roles of educators, though our inclination is not merely to impart knowledge, but to instruct individuals on the art of existence and the pursuit of their aspirations. It is imperative that we embark on a revolution—a rebellion against the existence dictated for us—and stride resolutely toward the one we ardently aspire to construct. The metaphysical school imparts wisdom, affirming that the avenue to revolution resides within a tranquil mind, whispering:

The quiet mind will be used in meditation for going within and communing with your high self. You will find joy as your awareness is raised to a higher plane of consciousness ad you recognize this earthly abode as a temporary schoolroom that can be used for learning lessons of life.

In conclusion, the entire act of reconstructing the mind and embracing our mental healing process is a solitary endeavor. The days of falling to our knees and uttering curses at the absence of the Lord are behind us. We now find ourselves in the desert of possibility. We acknowledge our profound solitude, understanding that help will primarily stem from within ourselves, followed by the caring support of fellow human beings. Each of us bears a duty and purpose to fulfill. Those years of feeling stifled, as though we were merely treading water without progress, must yield to a new life of learning, growth, and self-awareness. It is solely through discipline and rebellion that we can confront the genuine truth of our lives and grasp that every minute action shapes who we will become tomorrow. The School of Metaphysics concludes this lesson by stating:

There is one thing however you will never get tired of and that is the fulfillment, excitement, joy, and happiness that comes from learning that which is eternal. With these qualities, you become successful in all aspects of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

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