Our Process Of Healing


In a world filled with solitude, we require individuals who cherish us, aiding in Our Process Of Healing. We currently inhabit the loneliest generation in the annals of history, continually expounding upon philosophies that only serve to deepen our isolation. When one examines the discussions pertaining to masculinity, a true sense of connection amidst profound isolation often eludes us. Yet, it is the wise teachings of The School Of Metaphysics that we must heed for the betterment of all, advocating for healing and goodness for all parties involved–saying:

When you heal, you are aligning your consciousness with universal law. The cause for healing will be mental. The effect of healing of the body will be physical. Heal with the goodness for all concerned in your consciousness. When this thought form is present all energy moves toward the improvement of your condition.

Nevertheless, my spiritual brethren and sistren must recall that individuals can solely achieve healing by assuming authority over their own recovery. I have observed women professing to possess an inclination for drawing in broken men, when, in fact, their inclination lies in persevering within circumstances that fail to benefit them. Their situation serves as a manifestation of their need for healing. Similarly, when a man endures a woman’s mistreatment in an effort to maintain familial unity, believing that his fortitude can restore the family, he is reminded by The School Of Metaphysics that he holds the reins to his own healing journey, thus asserting:

The person desiring healing has the final authority over his own mind and body. He/She is the scientist and his own body is the laboratory either for himself or for other people. This person must overcome the fear of being in charge of their own healing process. The healing will become permanent when the unproductive mental attitude is transformed into an attitude of growth and the lesson that produces wholeness has been understood.

Our habits are undermining our well-being. Instead of experiencing prosperity, we’ve become all too familiar with drug abuse, death, tough love, and the harsh realities that afflict a people trapped in poverty. Rebuilding ourselves into healed, content individuals after enduring the lives we’ve led is no simple undertaking. It demands not only delving deep into our memories but also reshaping our old perspectives on the world. Moreover, it compels us to engage in extensive acts of forgiveness and love. Learning to perceive is a prerequisite for the act of envisioning.

Consider this: You may have resentment toward your father, but upon recognizing the way he loved your mother, you can envision yourself possessing those same qualities as the person you once despised. Healing involves fostering harmonious transformations within ourselves, prioritizing the pursuit of knowledge over the need to be right.

The School of Metaphysics, in its closing remarks on how our imagination can serve as a healing force, conveys the following wisdom:

Through imagination, thanks to the subtleties of the irreality function, we re-enter the world of confidence, the world of the confident being, which is the proper world for reverie.

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