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There may be nothing more challenging than breathing when we’re down on our luck. However, it’s crucial to understand that this is precisely when breathing becomes our most vital tool within our control. We must acquire the skill of using and cherishing our bodies, for if we comprehended the extent and potency of these vessels, we would celebrate obstacles and mere tests as opportunities to fortify ourselves. Within the School of Metaphysics, a variety of breathing techniques are employed to Access The Inner Mind, as they affirm:

In order to gain access to the inner mind at will, we practice breathe control. Intuitive breathing also slows the wear and tear on the physical body assisting in the body’s smooth functioning and insuring good health.

Many years ago, I encountered the tale of a young man who tragically lost his mother a mere week after a heated argument, leading him to make a solemn vow never to speak to her again. On the fateful night before he contemplated ending his own life, I engaged in a conversation with him. It was evident that he was teetering on the brink of losing his sanity, yet I allowed him to pour out his feelings of despair, anger, and his perception of the world’s unfairness. He expressed remorse for his actions, and I remained silent throughout. I possessed no words to offer, but an unexpected moment occurred during our exchange. He paused, took a breath, and whispered, “I am tired.”

A week later, the grievous news reached me that he had taken his own life, a gunshot to the head sealing his fate. I found myself lying on the floor of my desolate apartment, tears flowing freely. I contemplated all the times when I, too, had yearned for release from the burdens of life but had somehow found the strength to persevere. It was then that I began to breathe with a depth and sincerity as though my very existence depended on it. Strangely, I comprehended how perilously close I had come, or perhaps still was, to succumbing to the same fate. I turned to the breathing techniques taught by the School of Metaphysics, seeking solace and understanding:

Eyes closed, lightly place your hand palm down on your thigh. As you inhale slowly raise your hand, as you exhale slowly lower your hand. In this way simply use your hand as a lever to gently begin to slow your breathing. It’s important to make sure you are not forcing yourself to slow your breathing or in any way starve your body of oxygen. You simply have an intention of slowing your breathing.

Survive. Persist in breathing. There are moments in this world when you might perceive yourself as the most solitary human being to have ever existed. You might sense yourself as the ugliest troll to ever tread upon the surface of this planet. There might even be doubts concerning the attainability of human happiness. Yet, one must acknowledge that healing signifies a harmonious transformation in the operation of our lives, and these contemplations serve as indicators of dis-ease permeating our thoughts. This implies that we have the capacity to amend them, shift them, reposition them, and ultimately conquer them. It is imperative that we attain conscious mastery over our corporeal vessels, as articulated by The School of Metaphysics:

It is important for you to gain conscious control of every part of the body, for it is the vehicle of your mind. The more you understand the functioning of the body, the more understanding you will be free to use in your healing activity.

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