Metaphysics On Friendship


The School of Metaphysics On Friendship continues to offer the profound wisdom necessary for living a divine life. When one reflects upon their life, one can clearly see how communication has been instrumental in preserving our well-being. We are, indeed, nothing without friends who lend us their attentive ears and provide us with the opportunity to both express ourselves and listen to our inner voices.

I vividly recall the day when, as if it happened only yesterday, my closest friend approached me and confided that he had been a victim of molestation. I could sense the shame and embarrassment in his eyes, hear the profound pain in his voice, and observe the way his body contorted as he hesitantly asked, “Would our other friends laugh at me if I were to tell them?” In response, I assured him, “True friends would never abandon you for being honest.”

The School of Metaphysics elucidates the art of nurturing healing communication, emphasizing that it’s essential for our emotional well-being, and it guides us in this process, stating:

Friendships are so very important because it is necessary for each thinker to have a receiver for his or her thoughts. When you speak to someone they receive your words in proportion to the amount of attention they give you. You, the speaker, also have an opportunity to hear your own words.

However, his struggle with honesty about his past runs deeper than one might suspect, as relationships thrive on both honesty and vulnerability. In this country, the Black man has often been unfairly criticized for expressing anything that diverges from the narrow constraints of traditional masculinity.

It is through the bonds of friendship that we encounter individuals who can help us laugh away our pain, accept the aspects of ourselves we’d rather forget, and offer solace in an often indifferent world. I cherished my friend, and we supported each other through trauma, laughter, and even in times of running away, providing a safe haven. Through my friend, I embodied the principle of The School Of Metaphysics, which states:

Friendship is an avenue to explore the inner depths of our being and to come to a greater understanding of who we are. When you see another as your friend, you give yourself and them the freedom and opportunity to express on a deeper level. Conversations move to the most important questions of life. What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What would be the most fulfilling, satisfying thing I can do with my life?

When I could finally embrace and love my brother despite his pain, confusion, and struggles, I gained insight into the challenges faced by all the brothers around me. As I observed him fight, scream, curse, and strive to impress the older brothers who robbed movie theaters, sold dime bags, and broke into iPhones, I saw the same determination in their eyes, yearning to be acknowledged and heard. Understanding these eyes allowed me to identify them in people worldwide.

Through my friendship with my brother, my love for the world grew. I realized that life extended beyond the football field and the limited confines of our schoolyard. The School Of Metaphysics beautifully expresses the concept of deepening and expanding friendships, stating:

The deepened and expanded friendship develops into a love and friendship for all humanity. This universal love is similar to the love the great world teachers and servers, past and present, have given to mankind. Expand your field of friendship now by sharing your newfound discoveries and joy of self-awareness with others.

In conclusion, cherish your brother, lend your ear to him, and cultivate friendships that inspire, heal, nurture, encourage, and provide wisdom. The ability to perceive the beauty and loveliness of an individual paves the way to recognizing the universal, but this journey unfolds through the process of acquainting oneself with another person. Continue reading Albert Camus’s On the purpose of Life.

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