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Muata Ashby On Yoga

As I became attuned to the world within, amidst the mystical ambiance of my dorm room adorned with sacred Egyptian symbols, I rose from my yoga mat and found myself lost in contemplation of the life I had lived. 41 days prior, I had made a solemn vow to embark on a daily practice of meditation. Or face the dire consequences of my unhappiness. Burdened by self-blame, I held myself accountable for my own well-being. And resolved to cultivate a happier existence or suffer the consequences of my own making. In the wake of this transformative journey, I am reminded of the wise words of grand master Muata Ashby, who once said:

If you are mighty and powerful, then gain respect through knowledge and through your gentleness of speech. Don’t order things except as it is fitting. The one who provokes others gets into trouble. Don’t be haughty lest you be humbled. But also, don’t be mute lest you be chided.

As we ruminate on the elusive nature of the true self. We must remain vigilant against the seductive pull of false security. That can lead us astray from the path towards a life truly lived. For it is in clinging to our fears, doubts, and addictions that we create insurmountable barriers to our own happiness. And deny ourselves the possibility of manifesting our deepest desires. Yet, we persist in our unwitting attachment to a counterfeit self. A product of our own limiting beliefs and insecurities. Out of a fear that the pursuit of a new, authentic self may yield no respite from the struggles of our existence. In truth, it is only by releasing ourselves from these shackles of doubt and embracing the unknown, that we can truly soar towards the limitless potential of our being.

There are two roads which human beings can follow, one of wisdom and the other of ignorance. The path of the masses is generally the path of ignorance which leads them into negative situations, thoughts and deeds. These in turn lead to ill health and sorrow in life. The other road is based on wisdom and it leads to health, true happiness and enlightenment.

Let us surrender to the serene embrace of equanimity. For we often deceive ourselves into thinking that a different set of circumstances would offer a better existence. Yet we persist in finding fault with our current state. As I stroll through the barren Texan woods, I am enveloped by the resounding stillness. In this era of overwhelming social media saturation. It is imperative that we tune out the noise and tune in to our surroundings. Let us remain steadfast in the faith that life can be transformed for the better.

Strive to see with the inner eye, the heart. It sees the reality not subject to emotional or personal error; it sees the essence. Intuition then is the most important quality to develop. They who have received some portion of God’s gift, these, if judged by their deeds, have from death’s bond won their release. For they embrace in their own Mind, all things, things on the earth, things in the heaven, and things above the heaven – if there be aught. They who do not understand, because they possess the aid of reason only and not Mind, are ignorant wherefore they have come into being and whereby, like irrational creatures, their makeup is in their feelings and their impulses, they fail in all appreciation of things which really are worth contemplation. These center all their thought upon the pleasures of the body and its appetites.

Ashby’s interpretation emphasizes the importance of spiritual evolution and the concept of Ma’at, or balance and harmony in the universe. He argues that the Book of the Dead was not just a guide to the afterlife. But also a manual for living a moral and spiritual life on Earth. Overall, Muata Ashby’s interpretation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead offers a unique and insightful perspective on one of the most important texts in ancient Egyptian religion and spirituality. Continue reading Carl Jung on the importance of an inner life.

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