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Patience in the Underground

We can not live without constantly becoming acquainted with patience; the sun can not set, sleep cannot be allowed, the blossoming of our being cannot move deeper into ourselves while ascending to heaven without patience. We must work diligently on becoming patient with endings and beginnings; our lives are a constant set of new beginnings, but in the midst of the eternal dance is our presence. Patience allows us to be entirely present; for in the underground we are venturing through the most forgotten, neglected, repressed parts of ourselves and allowed to walk through, but we can not hastily walk through our lives. We are being required to remold our views from the unrealistic comparisons of social media posts, lifestyle enthusiasts, expectations based on our age, and opinions from people locked within the assumptions of their generation; to become a people with an emotional stability that is based on our own internal mechanisms and calibration. Because we never allow ourselves to experience the bliss and chaos of the eternal, our psyches become addicted to the mundane. Only through patience and a deep analysis of the unconscious can we begin to appreciate the full range of life’s complexity. One of the reasons I have always appreciated the spiritualist is the emphasis placed on the belief that everything connects to the health of the spirit.

 “Every dis-ease has a spiritual root”

Because we are unable to live, we live a pathologically restless existence; our impatience destroys our ability to appreciate the spontaneity of the moment. Disconnected from our heart living a life of sickness, inside a state of turmoil and comparison; while some recognize our spiritual and mental upheaval as a potential to reorganize their lives, many fall victim to the apathy and despair. The patience required to mold yourself unencumbered by artificial fantasies and outside mythologies is our most important mission on the planet; we are in the process of developing our own theologies that come from our own ventures into heaven and hell. This will require our full effort then a constant recalibration from day to day in order to learn devotion. We have to adapt ourselves to the flux of our unconscious, emotions, psyche, and settle ourselves into our roots; through patience we can dive into the chthonian and find the light that sits inside. We can live internally and lovingly.

Our spiritual, creative, and philosophical fire stays lit from the development of our conscious and the integration of our unconscious. Because our empathy comes alive in this development, we must allow the world to continue living without attempting to become a hero. The hero inside of us must die for us to be reborn; our energy cannot be protected, throwing ourselves in the lives of the people around us. Just as we have ventured into hell, they must also make the pilgrimage. Now I do not believe in aloofness or retreating from the world, but in a love that allows people to exist without our naively narcissistic perception of how they should be living their lives. We are Dante, exactly, there is no difference in our stories, we must journey through hell to understand heavenly love, like Siddharta we must follow our own heart, and like the invisible man we must disillusion ourselves of the values of other people, and learn to live life on our own accord. Shame, despair, and hatred are just as needed as love, positivity, open-mindedness, and hope; we need our entire being to venture through the underground. 

Life is a continuous sculpting of marble where we must be devoted to discover the potential that hides within the clay. Our way is the only way, and we must go the way that touches our heart and connects us to the source; in the underground there is no room for comparison or jealousy but an incomprehensible faith in ourselves. We must embrace our solitude, and not attempt to imitate others’ lives; the only imitation is living our lives as freely as few men have done. There is no one that can help us make this walk through the strength building life of solitude; persevere all shall be accomplished. We have both reason and spirituality in the palm of our hands, both a blessing and a curse. We often misapply the two gifts to incorrect situations and then we become stuck by the confusion caused by those decisions; we must be able to live with both. Reason and spirituality are empty without each other but applied together and united provide man with power and compassion to coexist within the universe. We have created terms like animalistic and inhuman, but all those traits we shun are truly human; we should watch the animals closer to discover compassion and generosity. Crows, for example, will not work with other crows that over-indulge in the food everyone gathered; they will lose trust with that crow and stand by their decision. We should imitate the crows.   

“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.”-

Alexis Carrel

We must live and die with ourselves; learning through consistent effort to follow the beat of our hearts and fulfill the purpose required from that hour. Our rebirth lies within us, the underground is used to peel off our false selves and return to an embryonic state. Now we have reached the beginning and shall be newborns again, completely naked, and in complete control of creating our own values, virtues, and connection to the world. Our will and intention leads us on this path of self discovery; intention allows us to remove anything that does not bring us closer to our desire, our will keeps us pushing towards the goal. Many live with a constant attempt to convince the world of our happiness, but the truth never fails to be revealed to ourselves. We place ourselves in a terrible predicament because we are running from the chaos of living our own lives. In the underground there is no room for comparison or space for contempt at your brother; one must accept the lives men have chosen then deal with the consequences of his own life then act accordingly to his intention. It took us 9 months of 24 hr development to be ready for our birth followed by months and years of conditioning to create our personas. Now the effort required to create our own lives independent of the world will require as much focus, patience, and energy. 

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”-

Carl Jung

Brute force and exhausting ourselves is not the only way to work; unfortunately, many do not enjoy the professions they’ve been forced into, but our internal work must be both painful and joyful, liberating and humbling, rejuvenating and exhaustive. We must develop patience in the underground, so we can live; we can discover the source of our lives through a disciplined intentional life. Stay underground, plant your roots, so we can ascend through the fires of turmoil and self-discovery, and we shall ascend to heavenly compassion and divine love. We shall exist in two worlds at once.