The Paleo Action Plan


Health Benefits of Paleo

Paleo followers consume red meat, wild game poultry, egg, nuts, seeds, fish, vegetables, and fruits. However, since we know animal products can lead to inflammation, this plan includes less meat.

Rules and principles:

Consume fewer animal products, particularly red meat

Buy organic

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Be mindful of egg consumption

Include gluten free pseudograins

Potential benefits:

Increased consumption of plant based foods, most of which are naturally anti-inflammatory

Improvement in systems if dealing with an inflammatory condition and, perhaps, even eliminating or reducing medication

What will you receive?

You will receive 3 ebooks, a 30-day meal plan along with a 30-day workout regimen with strength work and HIIT workouts, an ebook for nutritional supplementation, and where to find nutrients and an ebook filled with information on the benefits of nutritional supplementation. You will also be added to a private Facebook group where there will be daily yoga flows and meditations once a week!

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The Paleo plan

It might be during the last stretch of an important project, in the middle of a team meeting about an upcoming initiative, or somewhere else–sometimes, you just burn out.The energizing plan.

There’s no shortcut or secret to snap out of burnout immediately, but it is possible to improve your cognitive potential to reduce your feeling of burnout by implementing a series of habits and exercises as part of your daily routine. Just as physical exercise can improve your strength, speed, and stamina, mental exercise can improve your brain’s natural abilities. The Paleo plan

Try one or more of these mental exercises to maximize your brain’s potential:

1. Meditate. Mindfulness meditation has a number of positive health benefits not limited to the mental realm. It improves immune system function, qualitatively improves interpersonal relationships, and reduces stress and anxiety. Of course, there are strictly mental benefits as well. The vast majority of regular meditative practitioners have greater focus, concentration, and mindfulness than their counterparts. Meditating itself is relatively simple; all you have to do is find someplace quiet and relaxing. Dedicate 15 minutes or longer to freeing your mind of thoughts, deliberately letting each thought go until you achieve a state of pure mindfulness. It might take some practice to get used to the process, but once you do, you’ll start noticing yourself more hyper-focused in everyday situations.

The Paleo plan

2. Memorize Things. Regularly practicing memorization exercises has several different effects on the brain; first, it trains your brain to commit things to memory. The more you memorize things as an active exercise, the more likely you’ll be to remember anything that crosses your path. Second, it encourages neural plasticity, which makes your brain more capable of adapting to new challenges and tasks.

Which is helpful in practically any professional scenario. The great thing is, there’s no single memory exercise that holds these benefits–they can be obtained in any memorization practice.

For example, you could memorize a poem, a song, or even a random sequence of numbers to start seeing the benefits.

3. Read. Reading has a few obvious benefits and a few not-so-obvious benefits. First, the more often you read, the more information you’ll find.

The more information you have, the smarter and better-informed you’ll be. All that information will eventually come in handy as you engage in conversations, work on projects, and try to solve complex problems. Second, reading aids in your ability to retain and analyze other bits of information.

So you’ll have an easier time understanding the plan at your next team meeting. Any type of reading is good, but reading within your industry or at a level that challenges you is exceptionally beneficial. The Paleo plan


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