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Quit Your Job

Hopefully this essay helps you deal with the conflicting feelings of building someone else dream. Giving you the courage to Quit Your Job. The impact of our environment on creativity cannot be underestimated. There are instances where our surroundings and circumstances stifle our ability to freely express ourselves. I vividly recall an incident from my middle school days involving a classmate diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. He was tasked with contributing to our 8th-grade welcome board by creating artwork. While most of us adorned the board with messages of gratitude and anticipation, he took a different approach. He depicted a dying angel, accompanied by the words “Do Angels Exist? They don’t want us to think,” defiantly crossed out.

This unconventional display sent shockwaves through the school, as teachers responded with concern, viewing his creation as the product of a young mind afflicted by an uncontrollable disorder, prompting discussions about adjusting his medication. Yet, in my eyes, I held a genuine belief that his creation possessed the potential to fetch millions in the art world. Despite my conviction, the school decided to remove his artwork, leaving a conspicuous void on the poster board.

Quit Your Job
Quit Your Job

This incident underscores the considerable influence our surroundings wield over our self-perception. Environments possess the power to shape our self-image, potentially confining us within limited parameters and inhibiting our contributions to the broader world. Notably, throughout history, numerous heroic figures have deliberately distanced themselves from their origins before achieving mastery on a global scale. This process of inner transformation often unfolds in solitude, marked by introspection and self-discovery.

However, the predicament arises for those entangled within commitments such as jobs, schools, and homes that imperil their sense of being. The question becomes unnerving: How can one escape these circumstances and fulfill their potential? The answer demands a willingness to embrace one’s role as an outsider, prepared to be perceived as eccentric, unusual, or even an anomaly within the eyes of society. This transformative journey demands silent perseverance, culminating in the fortitude necessary to take the leap when the opportunity presents itself.

The hero’s journey, in due course, leads to transcending the confines of their environment, but not without enduring trials akin to traversing the fires of hell. Only by steadfastly enduring these challenges can one realize their aspirations, transforming prayers into reality. The transformation from societal constraints to personal liberation demands courage, sacrifice, and a tenacious spirit, embodying the essence of a hero’s path.