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An Argument for Rebellion

The world has a way of making all you feel dispensable; all the people involved in this twisted process include the very people you love. It is no surprise so few people follow their heart and even fewer have a connection to their feelings and thoughts. It makes you question your goals, aspirations, work ethic, and causes a fear of faith in the self; prevents you from revealing yourself because you might not fit into rigid expectations based on frivolous standards of judgements. There is no flourishing in our life when living inside an external expectation of reality; our survival and our triumph is based on our ability to release all repressive morals, ethics, and judgements then live inside our standard of existence. Attempting to live inside someone else’s image of life requires us to repress our own wishes and opt for an existence of invisibility. Because accepting definitions requires our silence, it becomes the greatest weapon in maintaining our oppression. The body keeps score of our lack of peace of mind, our restlessness, our anxiety, and our inability to live in peace; this is where we rebel, we live by our own terms, by our own standards that touch our hearts. Which means we must wage a loving war against our parents, our family, our country, our age, and the internalized expectations. By no means am I saying live in complete isolation from the world and never experience the pleasures of human connection, but live in complete communion with our spirits. 

Rejecting your internal voice is living with an eternal silence and soon that voice dies; hopelessness and despair is the result of living away from our rebellion. There is always an opportunity for rebellion even when we’ve been pushed on our last leg, for the things that attempted to defeat us did not expect us to rise above it. Rebellion is us finding our sound and filling the void in our lives, and we discover it by living wholeheartedly; rebellion is, truly, a thirst for life. This void came from somewhere within our experience, and since it came it can be filled; there is no process to healing but a continuous re-loving. Solitude is an act of rebellion, for we are declaring not everyone is deserving of our energy; however, for many, loneliness is a great burden to bear, but, I believe, healing rests on the other side of our fear. Loneliness is an opportunity at reevaluating the content and structure of the way we live our lives; we cannot deny loneliness is a terrific burden to deal with, but it may be a virtue to carry that burden into hearts for our death and resurrection. The world has us repressing many parts of ourselves, but our feelings help us discover how we want to live. We must–if we are to become sane–refuse compromises and deceits; we must only live in full compliance with our hearts. First comes rebellion, then, hopefully, comes revolution; we must for the sake of the world’s sanity, rebel.