Alain De Botton On Love

Every heartbreak, disappointment, and failure contains a lesson that will nurture our spiritual evolution. Without gaining wisdom from pain we are bound to endlessly repeat cycles that hinder our spiritual maturation. Spiritualists believe being unable to gain wisdom from our experiences results in reincarnation. Which means they believe transcendence is depended on our ability to […]

Alain De Botton On Happiness

Maybe because we’ve grown accustomed to our poverty, become acquainted with our loneliness, and developed such an intimate relationship with our sadness we are unable to accept the possibility, and actuality, of being happy. A small part of ourselves may struggle believing its deserved, strangely fearing the life we deeply crave. We are so quick […]

Alain De Botton On Spiritual Love

Why does the inherent normality of our lovers become the exact reasons we love them. The regular smiles with gap teeth that are slanted a little far left began to shine like the sun peering through winter clouds, or regular brown eyes take on a special twinkle, and our eyes continue to discover the specialness […]