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Albert Murray on the Purpose of Art

We create art through the gentle analysis, a keen patient contouring, and by reaching into our souls. Touching the force that rested within all the people that came before us. This transformation of experience with a lyrical tactility is at the root of jazz music. Albert Murray, on the Purpose of Art, believe that the […]

Albert Murray On Heroism

“As any competent student of literary composition knows, the more natural and casual a voice sounds in print, the more likely it is to have been edited time and again.” Albert Murray On Heroism makes clear that our survival is dependent on our ability to confront reality. On the path to becoming a hero one […]

Albert Murray On The Story-Teller

Books provide the wisdom, and sight, necessary to walk deeper into the world. And as our apprenticeship with reading grows our consciousness expands to meet the demands of any heroic effort. Because the mundane routines of our lives causes us to question that ability of things to change. We must our lives in persistently focusing, […]