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Anais Nin On A Meaningful Life.

We have lived through many stages that have caused much pain– we experience this pain and shame during suddenly moments when our memories transport us to those moments. We must create a life in spite of our mistakes. Our relationship between the temporal and ancestral world heals every trauma. Furthermore, we must have the knowledge […]

Anais Nin On Artistry

We need a kind of talk between strangers that drops the veil of strangeness and leads to intimacy. James Joyce and Anais Nin call this special type of conversation of “furrawn.” We need spaces to have conversations that enhance the human spirit. Spaces that let us know our suffering isn’t special but universal. Our conversations […]

Anais Nin On Adventure

We create a sense of adventure through writing, painting, and creation, for writing is learning to love again. A sense of meaning carries us through our suffering. The belief in the universality of our experience carries us through the potential of transforming our pain. Our faith in committing ourselves to a grand adventure is the […]

Anais Nin On Persistence

We need guidance. The outcome of our soul is dependent on the love and support of the people around us. However, many of us yearn for mentorship and guidance, but our environments lack adequate heroes. We need writers, artists, and craftsman to provide the light of our possibilities. Through these people we develop the faith […]

Anais Nin On Love

We depend on one another. We depend on people to provide the sustenance to make it through our days. Our self-knowledge increases as we learn to create intimacy and love. Bell Hooks told us long ago that, To truly love we must learn to mix various ingredients—care, affection, recognition, respect, commitment, and trust, as well […]

Anais Nin On Destiny

What we create from the chaos of our lives is dependent on how we bear our suffering, fears, and doubts. For life requires us to be stubborn as we reach towards our higher selves. Our stubbornness is a willingness to continually and forever evolve. While crafting, within our hearts, a petition to resist the temptation […]

Anais Nin On Independence

The people we admire–the artists, thought-leaders, painters, and craftsman–have found a way to overcome the obstacles that continuously limit us gaining an admirable independence. These people were not born with an exceptional brain, or special gifts, however some, very few, may actually come from a different planet, but for the most part these people contain […]

Anais Nin on Faith

In a world that always seems to conspire against our growth we must maintain faith in the purposefulness of our suffering. Believing every suffering, pain, and discomfort contains a blessing and a lesson. We put an immense amount of pressure on our future selves, and intensely judge our past selves, but in order to live […]

Anais Nin On Refusing Despair

Every man, if he intends on being happy, must find a way to live without the masks, walls, and facades that prevent us from recognizing our brother’s humanity. In order to assist in the creation of a compassionate, gracious, and honest world we must develop this sense of community and fellowship. We forget that the […]