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The Crucial Role of Artists

Believing in the reality of your dreams is the utmost importance in this world. Sense is only made when it makes sense, and something becomes popular only when someone makes it successful. This holds especially true in the overlooked, demanding, and oversaturated field of writing. By following the path of our ancestors, we realize that […]

We reside in an imbalanced nation.

We reside in an imbalanced nation. The proliferation of women artists creating Goddess pictures serves to counterbalance the negative portrayal society imposes on them. Similarly, violent music resonates so deeply because our lives are often mundane and predictable, and these tales of individuals expressing our deepest desires connect us to the way we yearn to […]

Embracing vulnerability in creativity

Failure has eroded my faith in my own voice, as I witness meager readership, a lack of applause, and an overall silence that follows hours of crafting, confronting, and challenging both myself and the world. It leads me to ponder whether my work is intended for us, whether we are destined to expose the world […]

Joseph Campbell On Bliss

Most people spend their days doing meaningless activities. Few people have learned to spend their time on a craft that demands our highest selves. We’ve forgotten our beauty. Which leads us to always begging for the eyes of people to save us. As we discover our lives have no purpose we grow wearier and wearier […]

Albert Murray On Heroism

“As any competent student of literary composition knows, the more natural and casual a voice sounds in print, the more likely it is to have been edited time and again.” Albert Murray On Heroism makes clear that our survival is dependent on our ability to confront reality. On the path to becoming a hero one […]

Kahlil Gibran On following love when it calls

We find Almustafa, the hero of Kahlil Gibran’s wonderful book of poetry “The Prophet”, orating before villagers of a foreign land his views on love. On the eve of his departure, after 12 years away from the land of his ancient mother, the seeress, Almitra, has asked our prophet to offer his wisdom and ease […]


Delve into the Depths: A Journey of Intellectual and Spiritual Wonderment Step into a world of intellectual and spiritual exploration, where the meaning of life unfolds through the power of words. Within these writings, we embark on a profound quest to unravel the mysteries of love, discover our divine purpose, and create a sacred space […]

Rilke on the necessity of solitude for creativity.

The depths of our aloneness becomes apparent by the silence that arises once we turn away from the world; however, creativity rests within this silence. Patience is required for the gestation and birth of the seeds–of creativity, transformation and expansion–that are begging for growth inside of us; because blessings come from spaces that rest beyond […]

Rainer Maria Rilke on How We Must Go Into Ourselves in Order to Master a Craft.

The artist is the first, and often harshest, judge of their work; we become viewers, participants in the journey, once our work goes into the public. Our material is a representation of us, and releasing work that is refined but contains the rawness of emotion is the goal of the artist. Being a harsh critic, […]