The Blog’s Mission

The writings are a space for intellectual and spiritual wondering about the meaning of life. Exploring the meaning of love, following our divine purpose, and creating a space of vulnerability that encourages people to explore the depths of their soul through the words of thought leaders, mystics, intellectuals, and my own personal discoveries. A documentation […]

Death and Life sits besides us

Death is an acceptance of life, and to live is an acknowledgement of death, an opportunity for us to gain a deeper relationship with the present; a new day begins the moment we open our eyes, and the day we thought we knew has ended. The night comes quicker than the sun rose, and we […]

Reflections on Death and Reconciliation

To love requires vulnerability. Patiently stripping yourself of your well protected persona before the person you love while simultaneously relinquishing control of how you want to be perceived. We have a tendency to maintain a half true incomplete view of our partner and only through courageousness of both partners can the beauty of vulnerability commence. […]

A letter to my Father

“For the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we may triumph is never new, it must always be heard. There isn’t any other tale to tell, it’s the only light we have in all this darkness”, says James Baldwin Dear Daddy, I love you very much On September 21 […]

Every death ain’t goodbye

This essay was written 122 days after the death of my father. It has now been 661 days since my father has passed. I am keeping the title of the essay because I am being guided by a force of indelible patience and magnanimity, so spiritually we continue to commune. I loved him — naturally. […]

Breathing Brings Peace

Living with a deeper awareness is living erotically and devoting yourself to experiencing every moment with all 5 senses. While also recognizing several truths the country has been terrified to face because it would shatter our desires for the material possessions we cling onto for safety. We are bombarded with information, propaganda, recordings of toxicity […]

Love is our destiny

Rape is a problem all over the world, its no secret, and the people that experience that pain go through deep feelings of powerlessness. That powerlessness creates a vacuum of silence that is deepened by several silencers: denial by the rapist, lack of protection for the victim, no consequences for the perpetrator, no love or […]

Salvation through valuing the self.

Rising from my sleep on a snowy day late in October, the ice causing discoloration on the windows as they swell, cracking the paint on the edge where the wood meets — still not use to the weather changes that happens once you leave home; having grown up in Texas snow is followed by sirens […]