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Healing Through Sanghas

Jordan Neely: Healing Through Sanghas: The cultural fixation on death within the black community is a profound reality that cannot be disregarded. Many of my peers, including myself, became preoccupied with death from a young age. It was not only a humorous act of seeking shelter as bright headlights passed us on long streets, but […]

Joan Didion On Death

As I approached the casket, my eyes were fixed on my father lying there, gently cradled between the wooden frames. A part of me couldn’t help but believe that he would suddenly rise from his eternal sleep, as if his departure was simply a fleeting illusion in a cosmic dream. But as I stood there, […]

Henry David Thoreau On Death

Most people know that we must follow our divine path. However, there are moments when, listening to other people’s story, we grow weary of our path. We live constantly watching the lives of other people. One must learn to live devoted to his own life. Although this knowledge sits within my mind I collapsed from […]

Joan Didion On Grief.

We create an addictive life by not using our discipline, strength, and faith. Our addictions manifest as fear, procrastination, and doubt. We must learn to choose mastery. I am a young man from Hope, Arkansas. I have never seen anyone live their life through their dreams; I have never seen anyone choose mastery. However, like […]

Yuval Noah Harari On Meaning.

An infinite number of hopeless souls fill our world. And many more fight tirelessly for a sign, symbol, or sense of change that will fuel their aching hearts. Some days I appear to be the only one that can see the damage being done; my peers are weak from meaninglessness, but fight daily and hourly […]

Joan Didion On Temporality

We assume our parents will live forever. Or, maybe, we know death exists but we are unable to comprehend its closeness. In our youth we fail to realize that the people around us suffer. Our self-centeredness keeps us trapped in a identity indifferent to the needs of others outside our personal gain. It’s not until […]

Joan Didion On Writing

With Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Joan Didion became the voice of Sacramento. Three years after her wonderful book she found herself a victim of the early stages of artistry. Lucky enough to traverse this difficult path alongside a partner that valued her writing. Working towards becoming an author himself. He understood the fluctuations of income, and […]

Ernest Hemingway on Love.

One day, very soon, we shall return to the earth, and rest among stardust. The lives we suffered through are meaningless insomuch as we are able to forgive ourselves. Giving ourselves mercy for the mistakes we’ve made, kisses we rejected, and people we’ve hurt. Ernest Hemingway On Love shares his experiences with learning that love […]


Delve into the Depths: A Journey of Intellectual and Spiritual Wonderment Step into a world of intellectual and spiritual exploration, where the meaning of life unfolds through the power of words. Within these writings, we embark on a profound quest to unravel the mysteries of love, discover our divine purpose, and create a sacred space […]

Anger is useful for the transformation of a nation

It is no secret we live in a strange nation; a nation that believes in freedom and justice until corporations are robbing the citizens, and the countrymen believe in those terms until a personality they adore is put on trial. We are a country of double standards, hypocrisy and lack of responsibility are veiled behind […]