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Anais Nin On Persistence

We need guidance. The outcome of our soul is dependent on the love and support of the people around us. However, many of us yearn for mentorship and guidance, but our environments lack adequate heroes. We need writers, artists, and craftsman to provide the light of our possibilities. Through these people we develop the faith […]

Anais Nin on Faith

In a world that always seems to conspire against our growth we must maintain faith in the purposefulness of our suffering. Believing every suffering, pain, and discomfort contains a blessing and a lesson. We put an immense amount of pressure on our future selves, and intensely judge our past selves, but in order to live […]

Aloneness is a leap of faith

To love, one must be able to be alone, and the ability to trust your aloneness is an act of the deepest strength; aloneness is a becoming, when we leave people that are undeserving of our energy we grow up. We move deeper into a space of trusting the transformation potential and spontaneity of life. […]

Life ends, but Love anyway

Being in love is accepting you can never completely understand our beloved. You may never understand the reason you love them; even with the surest and purest exclamations declaring the uniqueness of your love. When someone asks, “what do you love about them, ” what is your response. Because our response is similar to the […]