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The Healing Power Within You.

We rely on the people in our lives, our loved ones, and the hidden forces that surround us for our very survival. In this world, there are moments when we can’t help but feel like the loneliest soul to ever grace this planet. Our own poverty may appear more suffocating, more relentless, and more immovable […]

We must embrace stress.

In the urban jungle, a man without a sense of self navigates akin to those tales of wanderers in a forest, losing their way in their flight from a monster, only to find themselves entangled in the wilderness. Yet, for those who have endured this tumultuous jungle of self-doubt, aimless wandering, and profound weariness, they […]

Bell Hooks On Abuse and Healing

Bell Hooks On Abuse and Healing said, ‘Growing up in abusive environments inflicts deep wounds on our spirits, leaving us with a profound understanding of the destructive power of violence and the urgent need for healing and love.” Sitting across from my grandfather in his black leather chair, leaned back, he would tell stories from […]

Black man’s journey

Reluctantly, I found myself in a city that, were it not for Dallas, would still be nestled deep in the woods. Traveling down those long, tranquil roads would lead you over train tracks and past quaint gas stations, where jars brimmed with pickled eggs and pig hooves immersed in tangy pickle juice. On Sundays, after […]