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Henry David Thoreau On Death

Most people know that we must follow our divine path. However, there are moments when, listening to other people’s story, we grow weary of our path. We live constantly watching the lives of other people. One must learn to live devoted to his own life. Although this knowledge sits within my mind I collapsed from […]

Henry David Thoreau On Friendship

Without my friends I would be dead. Although, since they always tell me about my life or death mindset let me be a little more realistic, I would be confused about the trauma I’ve overcome, discourage in facing problems I’ve dealt with many times, hopeless over the necessity to always fight for a better life. […]

Henry David Thoreau On Living Presently.

Man is forced to confront himself when every distraction is gone. Man can only hear himself when every addiction is placed to the side. Being blinded by our addictions, and limited by our self imposed prisons we forget our beauty. We forget the power in our tongue, and value of our being. The only reality […]

Henry David Thoreau On Aspiring Towards A Greater Life.

We must pursue our dreams, and devote our time to deepening our relationship to God. Success comes to the stubborn man, for the universe’s wealth shall raise him up. Against all fears of poverty and failure one must move toward our dreams. However, we must be honest, we know the people hiding behind the masks […]

Henry David Thoreau On Yoga.

Henry David Thoreau

The aim of a Yogi is developing a new relationship to the world. For the man that lives through the 5 senses experiences a life beyond heaven, we become like Dante, but the journey is one through the soul. Yogi’s do not live perfect lives, but in pursuing the enlightened path we aim at remembering […]

Henry David Thoreau On Love.

Henry David Thoreau

The most valuable aspect of friendship, literature, and every spontaneous, and unexpected, furrawn is that strangers slowly pull away the veil of anonymity. Conversations providing insight into our psychology is a banality, but meditation is the root of all conversations. When we converse deeply, honestly, and without distractions we are listening to ourselves just as […]