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Kahlil Gibran on The Greater Freedom resting within our soul.

Assata Shakur said, “I’m not quite sure what freedom is, but i know damn well what it ain’t. How have we gotten so silly, i wonder.” Our silliness comes from our inability to let go of the assumptions, habits, and institutions at the root of our despair. Walking through the cicadas singing love chants in […]

Kahlil Gibran On following love when it calls

We find Almustafa, the hero of Kahlil Gibran’s wonderful book of poetry “The Prophet”, orating before villagers of a foreign land his views on love. On the eve of his departure, after 12 years away from the land of his ancient mother, the seeress, Almitra, has asked our prophet to offer his wisdom and ease […]


Delve into the Depths: A Journey of Intellectual and Spiritual Wonderment Step into a world of intellectual and spiritual exploration, where the meaning of life unfolds through the power of words. Within these writings, we embark on a profound quest to unravel the mysteries of love, discover our divine purpose, and create a sacred space […]