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Our Creative Power

In the vast expanse of possibility, countless projects yearn to be brought into existence. Yet, often, we find ourselves ensnared by an invisible captor – fear. This apprehension becomes a shackle, confining us within the boundaries of a self-image rooted in doubt and hesitation. To transform these unmanifested dreams into reality, we must first dare […]

Embrace the fire.

Embrace the fire. I presented a question to a friend, asking if it’s possible to cherish the pain of life. Can one truly find joy in the ebbs and flows of life, knowing with certainty that they will ascend once more? However, perhaps where we falter is in our belief that these experiences resemble the […]

Love Spirituality and Salvation

In her essay “Salvation,” bell hooks explores the complexities of love, spirituality, and salvation within the context of her childhood church experience. She reflects on the pressure to conform to the expectations of her elders and peers, creating a conflict between her authentic self and the notion of salvation. hooks suggests that true salvation lies […]

The True Power of Water

In the depths of life’s enigmatic waters, we find a profound revelation in “The True Power of Water” by the visionary Masaru Emoto. Through this mesmerizing journey of words, Emoto invites us to witness the hidden symphony of water’s essence, echoing with profound implications for our human souls. As James Baldwin once said, “Not everything […]

Embracing Black Bodies

Bell Hooks argued for the necessity of black men and women loving one another in the face of oppression and abuse by white power structures. When black people love one another, it has a profound impact on the people involved in the love affair, as we learn to appreciate and cherish our bodies. We embrace […]

Bell Hooks On Abuse and Healing

Bell Hooks On Abuse and Healing said, ‘Growing up in abusive environments inflicts deep wounds on our spirits, leaving us with a profound understanding of the destructive power of violence and the urgent need for healing and love.” Sitting across from my grandfather in his black leather chair, leaned back, he would tell stories from […]

Black man’s journey

Reluctantly, I found myself in a city that, were it not for Dallas, would still be nestled deep in the woods. Traveling down those long, tranquil roads would lead you over train tracks and past quaint gas stations, where jars brimmed with pickled eggs and pig hooves immersed in tangy pickle juice. On Sundays, after […]

The Buddha On Empathy.

The notion that we are prepared for a situation can be a comforting one, yet it is only when faced with the reality of that situation that we can truly know whether we are ready or not. Despite years of personal growth and introspection, the unexpected touch of a man’s hand on his penis left […]

Joan Didion On Death

As I approached the casket, my eyes were fixed on my father lying there, gently cradled between the wooden frames. A part of me couldn’t help but believe that he would suddenly rise from his eternal sleep, as if his departure was simply a fleeting illusion in a cosmic dream. But as I stood there, […]