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The Hero Journey

The Hero Journey by Joseph Campbell might be the most needed text for our spiritual debasement. We contain the same stardust as Buddha, Christ, Shakespeare, and Homer, and must learn to embody their lives. Our relationship to our internal world determines the outcome of our lives. Wisdom comes from acting with the knowledge of our […]

Healing with a pen/Stop Burning them books

The pen is an instrument of healing; healing is an act of remembrance. The artist’s purpose with the pen is to instruct, and provide every individual, if he/she reads patiently and intently, and the author articulate his point well, with a guiding path for his life. We have a responsibility to recreate, or tell, the […]

Listen to the muses, the spirits, and your internal voice.

Homer invoked the muses, Aset was called when the limp needed healing, Michael restored Daniels strength; we call it divine inspiration. These stories are a stylization of life; these myths help us on our personal path to supreme internal meaning. All these instances of Godly inspiration and Divine assistance are attempts– by something both internal […]