Alain De Botton On The Fear Of Happiness.

Maybe because we’ve grown accustomed to our poverty, become acquainted with our loneliness, and developed such an intimate relationship with our sadness we are unable to accept the possibility, and actuality, of being happy. A small part of ourselves may struggle believing its deserved, strangely fearing the life we deeply crave. We are so quick […]

Blaise Cendrars on The Beauty of Language and Fortifying yourself in Love and Solitude

“The impulse to write things down is a particularly compulsive one, inexplicable to those who do not share it, useful only accidentally, only secondarily in the way that any compulsion tries to justify itself.” Capturing the strange desire, to document the world, contained in the heart of every writer; considered the source of our migraines, […]

James Baldwin on The Creative Process

Carrying 4 novels in a duffel bag on a boat to Paris, James Baldwin, age 24, hope to escape racism and live in a creative incubus that allowed him to write; shortly after his arrival he lost those collections. Losing those novels symbolized a letting go of the identity forced upon him by his peculiar […]

The Blog’s Mission

The writings are a space for intellectual and spiritual wondering about the meaning of life. Exploring the meaning of love, following our divine purpose, and creating a space of vulnerability that encourages people to explore the depths of their soul through the words of thought leaders, mystics, intellectuals, and my own personal discoveries. A documentation […]

What I Love and What I Hate

Things I love: Black people, Affection, Sex, Music, Smelling nice, Being Handsome, Having conversations, Waking up in the morning with someone, Pizza, Eating Healthy, Spirituality, Mental Health, Reading, James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Ralph Ellison, Mangoes, Sweaters, Making Notes and Lists, Kissing, Becoming and Being, Meditation, Yoga, Stretching, Black Women, Film, Photography, Dancing, Intellectualism, Jodeci, Nice […]

Love,Discipline, and Art

The discipline we bring into our art is a reflection of the discipline of our lives. Writing or loving cannot be done when we feel like it, but must be an active pursuit. Every artist must strive to live life through their art; willing, humbly and gratefully, to carry the burden of freedom by striving […]