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Metaphysics On Friendship

The School of Metaphysics On Friendship continues to offer the profound wisdom necessary for living a divine life. When one reflects upon their life, one can clearly see how communication has been instrumental in preserving our well-being. We are, indeed, nothing without friends who lend us their attentive ears and provide us with the opportunity […]

Albert Camus On Purpose

Albert Camus eloquently illuminates the path of philosophers who become aware of life’s inherent absurdity. This awareness mirrors our own conflict. Whether we seek solace in God or plunge into the depths of despair, our lives are shaped by how we shoulder the responsibility of meaninglessness. Yet, you must realize that a life devoid of […]

Access The Inner Mind

There may be nothing more challenging than breathing when we’re down on our luck. However, it’s crucial to understand that this is precisely when breathing becomes our most vital tool within our control. We must acquire the skill of using and cherishing our bodies, for if we comprehended the extent and potency of these vessels, […]

James Baldwin On Integrity

To effect change in our world, we must enlist the aid of artists. They serve as beacons, guiding us through the obscurity we often find ourselves ensnared within, preoccupied, distracted, and entangled in our inner conflicts. Our existence necessitates a greater luminosity, and to achieve this, we require artists who possess unwavering integrity, dauntless courage, […]

Albert Camus On The Absurd

During a conversation with a 17-year-old embarking on her college journey, she shared her aspirations of finding her life partner during this phase and achieving full career stability by the age of 25, along with all the other idealistic dreams typical of youth. As she expressed her ambitions, I couldn’t help but reflect on my […]

Our Creative Power

In the vast expanse of possibility, countless projects yearn to be brought into existence. Yet, often, we find ourselves ensnared by an invisible captor – fear. This apprehension becomes a shackle, confining us within the boundaries of a self-image rooted in doubt and hesitation. To transform these unmanifested dreams into reality, we must first dare […]

The Healing Power Within You.

We rely on the people in our lives, our loved ones, and the hidden forces that surround us for our very survival. In this world, there are moments when we can’t help but feel like the loneliest soul to ever grace this planet. Our own poverty may appear more suffocating, more relentless, and more immovable […]

Invisible Man our self-worth

Bitterness, a corrosive force, can consume the very essence of one’s soul. We learn in Invisible Man our self-worth does not solely stem from external validation but finds its roots in a profound connection with our inner world. In our quest for stability, we often unearth the stark destitution that has plagued our souls. Our […]

Resilience in the Black Community

Dr. Akbar eloquently dissects the root of immaturity within the black community. This immaturity takes various forms, whether it’s the hope of being lifted by Jesus in the rapture to a privileged place in the realm of the Lord, the longing for a transformative upheaval where oppressors self-destruct, or the personal anticipation of someone, something, […]

Embrace the fire.

Embrace the fire. I presented a question to a friend, asking if it’s possible to cherish the pain of life. Can one truly find joy in the ebbs and flows of life, knowing with certainty that they will ascend once more? However, perhaps where we falter is in our belief that these experiences resemble the […]