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Anais Nin On Dreaming

It is easy to forget that we are being guided by something that vibrates beyond our eyes. Dream serve the purpose of guiding us toward what we want. Without dreaming, or wishing, life ceases to have meaning, and the hours become wasted. This life can easily become monotonous, regimented, lifeless, predictable, and move towards an […]

Anais Nin on Faith

In a world that always seems to conspire against our growth we must maintain faith in the purposefulness of our suffering. Believing every suffering, pain, and discomfort contains a blessing and a lesson. We put an immense amount of pressure on our future selves, and intensely judge our past selves, but in order to live […]

Olusola Adebiyi On Mindfulness.

Every individual must define masculinity, femininity, and mindfulness from the rhythm discovered through living internally. We are forced to craft an individual identity without knowing a historical identity, and a historical identity provides the faith to believe in the potential of life. While we are not purely defined by our survival when a people seem […]

Alain De Botton On Happiness

Maybe because we’ve grown accustomed to our poverty, become acquainted with our loneliness, and developed such an intimate relationship with our sadness we are unable to accept the possibility, and actuality, of being happy. A small part of ourselves may struggle believing its deserved, strangely fearing the life we deeply crave. We are so quick […]

Lessons on Love

This is an extremely difficult record to assess. A gunman walked into a LBGTQIA+ club in Colorado, and opened fire on the human beings inside. He suffered from a fear confused by hate. I discovered, during my freshmen year at college, that some people move through the world with a feeling of persecution. And having […]

The Practice Of Stillness

The problem at the heart of all our anguish is our inability to be silent. It proves itself through our inability to turn off every electronic. Like most of the problems that prevent our peace, it has everything to do with our mind. Our most definite chance of fostering growth in order is found through […]

Alain De Botton On Spiritual Love

Why does the inherent normality of our lovers become the exact reasons we love them. The regular smiles with gap teeth that are slanted a little far left began to shine like the sun peering through winter clouds, or regular brown eyes take on a special twinkle, and our eyes continue to discover the specialness […]

Alain De Botton On Acceptance

What makes us worthy of receiving love when we are crippled by our anxieties. Overwhelmed by our fears, living routinely within mistakes, and our doubts prevent the blossoming of our ambition. Because we have so little love for ourselves we continue chasing people that offer unrequited love. Hoping forever that this angel will provide us […]

Tenzin Rinpoche On Zhine

In order to live deeply in the present one must maintain hope in the meaning of our suffering. We must act in alignment with our nourishment. Discovering the habits that will contribute to the growth of our soul. Concentrating on the status of our heart can be difficult when the world attempts to colonize our […]

Tenzin Rinpoche On Dreams

The necessity of my generation is learning to actively cultivate a vision for our lives. Instead of being absorbed in the sensations that bind our consciousness we learn to breathe toward enlightenment. Through the emotion that swings us through our day, we must develop a inner beauty that encourages emotional strength. However, control doesn’t mean […]