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The Healing Power Within You.

We rely on the people in our lives, our loved ones, and the hidden forces that surround us for our very survival. In this world, there are moments when we can’t help but feel like the loneliest soul to ever grace this planet. Our own poverty may appear more suffocating, more relentless, and more immovable […]

Surrender To Life

To ensure your survival, surrendering remains our sole option. An enigmatic term: surrender to life. To entrust ourselves. To embrace truth—the ache within our legs, the gnawing hunger in our bellies, and the suffocating doubts clouding our minds. Perhaps few tasks are less daunting than squarely facing the life we inhabit, undertaking the actions required […]

Find Your Intention.

Man often struggles to solidify his intentions. He stumbles, wavers, and loses his balance when confronted with the simple question, “What is your intention?” Without a clear reason for our actions, once adversity takes hold, our pursuit of our divine calling often dwindles into nothing more than an elusive wish or a distant dream, seemingly […]

Remember Your Mission

Everyone who pursues something they assert to be greater than themselves inevitably encounters feelings of hatred, despair, and sadness stemming from their present circumstances. Whether trapped in a detested job or occupying a role that appears to fall short of our self-perceived identity, we’ve all grappled with the disorientation of our situation. However, through arduous […]

Spirituality and The Boondocks

While known for its satirical and humorous commentary on social and political issues, “The Boondocks” also delves into themes of spirituality and self-discovery. Spirituality and The Boondocks. At the heart of the show is Huey Freeman, the introspective and politically conscious 10-year-old. Huey’s spiritual journey is evident throughout the series, as he grapples with questions […]

The Power of Concentration

In the fast-paced world we inhabit, our minds often resemble scattered constellations, drifting from one thought to another like stars lost in the vastness of the universe. Amidst this cosmic chaos, the art of concentration emerges as a celestial gift, illuminating our spiritual path with its radiant glow. Concentration, my dear seekers of truth, is […]

Anais Nin On Adventure

We create a sense of adventure through writing, painting, and creation, for writing is learning to love again. A sense of meaning carries us through our suffering. The belief in the universality of our experience carries us through the potential of transforming our pain. Our faith in committing ourselves to a grand adventure is the […]

Anais Nin On Reading

Our spirits are revealed through the content that nourishes our soul. There is no such thing as a bad artist only a artist that we don’t need at the moment. The purpose of the artist is to reach into the unconscious and shine light on our collective fears, doubts, and anxieties. The artists reveals the […]

Yuval Noah Harari On Meaning.

An infinite number of hopeless souls fill our world. And many more fight tirelessly for a sign, symbol, or sense of change that will fuel their aching hearts. Some days I appear to be the only one that can see the damage being done; my peers are weak from meaninglessness, but fight daily and hourly […]

Anais Nin On Refusing Despair

Every man, if he intends on being happy, must find a way to live without the masks, walls, and facades that prevent us from recognizing our brother’s humanity. In order to assist in the creation of a compassionate, gracious, and honest world we must develop this sense of community and fellowship. We forget that the […]