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Ernest Hemingway on Courage.

To recognize the purpose contained in our suffering, the potential resting within our sadness, and the tragically comedic nature of our existence requires the sensibility, intelligence, and faith only a hero, or poet, commands. Many have become heroes, but few have been able to pull the poetry from their existence, and place it on a […]

Ernest Hemingway on Success

Leaned against a tree after a long hunt through the Green Hills of Africa, searching for Kudu, Ernest Hemingway, speaking to his travel companion, made a statement about pursuing an objective until its been complete. This statement rings in the heart of anyone fighting for a life that goes against the world they’ve seen, and […]

Ernest Hemingway On Injustice

One learns, painfully and sincerely, to live within the moments of joy in his life, and to also walk alongside, without rush, the moments of confusing incoherence that seem to make up our lives. We must decide, the moment our eyes open unto the world, to embrace, celebrate, appreciate, and, most importantly, create our peace; […]

James Baldwin on The Creative Process

Carrying 4 novels in a duffel bag on a boat to Paris, James Baldwin, age 24, hope to escape racism and live in a creative incubus that allowed him to write; shortly after his arrival he lost those collections. Losing those novels symbolized a letting go of the identity forced upon him by his peculiar […]

Lorraine Hansberry on loneliness being a gift and a curse for artistic endeavors.

Every great work is crafted through a long dialogue within loneliness, and through the acceptance of our aloneness our work helps people understand their position in the world. Lorraine Hansberry, simple, eloquent and committed to purposeful writing, says, “Write the best one can about whatever agitates one and try to strike art.” Lorraine’s writing was […]

Lorraine Hansberry on being honest about the miseries that afflict the world.

Man’s mission is to tell the truth about the complexity of our lives, to reveal all the promises, to ourselves, broken in silence, and become honest about the intricate emotions happening inside us; there is nothing more difficult than being honest with oneself. Any man that decides to contribute his mind and heart to evolution […]

Kahlil Gibran on finding work that gives our lives meaning.

The changing of the seasons is a mirror to the life happening inside us; the subtle transitions of pain and joy is no different than the ice melting from the earth and flowers budding in its place. The quality of our work crumbles when our impatience births jealousy; when our distrust of life produces apathy; […]


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