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Joan Didion On Death

As I approached the casket, my eyes were fixed on my father lying there, gently cradled between the wooden frames. A part of me couldn’t help but believe that he would suddenly rise from his eternal sleep, as if his departure was simply a fleeting illusion in a cosmic dream. But as I stood there, […]

Anais Nin On Reading

Our spirits are revealed through the content that nourishes our soul. There is no such thing as a bad artist only a artist that we don’t need at the moment. The purpose of the artist is to reach into the unconscious and shine light on our collective fears, doubts, and anxieties. The artists reveals the […]

Anais Nin On Faith

The energy beyond our eyes speaks in metaphors, symbols, synchronicities, and dreams, for only a few can bear the naked truth. The wisdom that produces all art requires a complete surrendering, and allowance of the flow of time only reflected in the absurd nature of dreams. Revealing a truth we may not be ready to […]

James Baldwin On Humanity

Addressing his nephew, James Baldwin On Humanity compares the conditions psychologically separating generations–the life his father lived and the life of his nephew. However, while alot has change in the 50 years separating grandfather and grandson we are still in danger of the world defining our image of ourselves. Baldwin aims at instructing his nephew […]

Joan Didion On Beauty

Some days we are called to travel-whether by bus, plane, train to release the energy trapped by routine and mundanity. This creative or sexual energy, sitting within our loins, waiting to experience a day outside the rituals. We crave to experience the sunset with different colors, spend our days behind a different backdrop. Joan Didion […]

Brewster Ghiselin on Creativity

Use despair to create art. Like the bird that flew from the hand of Noah we find our hope through art. Art is the stylization of our experience. We learn to display the benefits, and necessity of maintaining the faith. Through this act we help people face themselves; through this act I found myself. Creation […]

Alain De Botton On Acceptance

What makes us worthy of receiving love when we are crippled by our anxieties. Overwhelmed by our fears, living routinely within mistakes, and our doubts prevent the blossoming of our ambition. Because we have so little love for ourselves we continue chasing people that offer unrequited love. Hoping forever that this angel will provide us […]

Joan Didion On Writing

With Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Joan Didion became the voice of Sacramento. Three years after her wonderful book she found herself a victim of the early stages of artistry. Lucky enough to traverse this difficult path alongside a partner that valued her writing. Working towards becoming an author himself. He understood the fluctuations of income, and […]

Ernest Hemingway On Creativity

On the path towards mastery the aspiring artist can become deeply lonely and self-conscious, that is why there is nothing more important than being guided by someone that has walked the path. These mentors, slowly evolving into the most intimate friendships, are the only people that can provide the necessary advice to foster the integrity, […]

Albert Murray on the Purpose of Art

We create art through the gentle analysis, a keen patient contouring, and by reaching into our souls. Touching the force that rested within all the people that came before us. This transformation of experience with a lyrical tactility is at the root of jazz music. Albert Murray, on the Purpose of Art, believe that the […]