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Access The Inner Mind

There may be nothing more challenging than breathing when we’re down on our luck. However, it’s crucial to understand that this is precisely when breathing becomes our most vital tool within our control. We must acquire the skill of using and cherishing our bodies, for if we comprehended the extent and potency of these vessels, […]

James Baldwin On Integrity

To effect change in our world, we must enlist the aid of artists. They serve as beacons, guiding us through the obscurity we often find ourselves ensnared within, preoccupied, distracted, and entangled in our inner conflicts. Our existence necessitates a greater luminosity, and to achieve this, we require artists who possess unwavering integrity, dauntless courage, […]

Muata Ashby On Yoga

As I became attuned to the world within, amidst the mystical ambiance of my dorm room adorned with sacred Egyptian symbols, I rose from my yoga mat and found myself lost in contemplation of the life I had lived. 41 days prior, I had made a solemn vow to embark on a daily practice of […]

Henry David Thoreau On Yoga.

Henry David Thoreau

The aim of a Yogi is developing a new relationship to the world. For the man that lives through the 5 senses experiences a life beyond heaven, we become like Dante, but the journey is one through the soul. Yogi’s do not live perfect lives, but in pursuing the enlightened path we aim at remembering […]

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche On Emotions.

We achieve a spiritual life once we approach our internal world with a compassion, attention, and patience like a woman that daily, and nightly, tends to her plants. The anthophile, or lover of plants, may be said, broadly, then, to be someone that has developed a sense of the nature of reality; someone that understands […]

A critique on our Collective obsession with Happiness

The creation of a new reality comes from shaping chaos into sense; the young spiritualist has been awakened, rather quickly and abruptly, to the seriousness and absurdly contradictory nature of life. He is lonely, but his newly acquired principles helps him believe his loneliness serves a greater purpose. After years of liberally giving energy to […]

Accepting our personal history.

We must accept the lives we have led, so we can have pride in what is coming; the perception of our lives are drenched in shame, rage, regret, and anger. While life, and also our memory, does not move in a linear fashion–all our memories fall victim to timelines–there is progression; with progression there is […]