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Take a chance on loving and living

One must live their lives and not fret over lost days; our personal fate depends on our ability to be noble, righteous, and committed to maintaining the source of our light. To develop compassion we must recognize that everything inside of us other people also contain within their spirits. Other people also contain the tiredness, the feeling of losing days, the feeling of competing against time, the fear of failure, the fear that our work will not make any impact in the world. We judge our brother so harshly because of the judgment we have of ourselves; we have little empathy and care for the world because of the roughness and rudeness we contain for ourselves. Everything we do is a reflection of the way we treat ourselves; we must pay attention to the signals coming from our spirit and stay on task with the source in our lives. We are required to attain a deep patience and practice certainty; we must be certain of our worth and the importance of living.

We must slowly, with every effort in our being, become appreciative of the fact that we have a chance to live a life. We must love, and suffer, and despair, and be weak, and find a way to continue moving through everything. Enlightenment is when one is undisturbed by the world and can move with equanimity through disaster; while we have a tendency to overlook our superhuman qualities, we move through our days doing this already. Life is never as easily grasped as we assume and judgment is pointless when examining a life, but through a faithful certitude a man can live his life as he must. When a child has no examples of the possibilities of his life he is limited mentally, but through reading a discovery of the amount of people that took a chance on life overwhelms you. Then a responsibility to those people that received the call to enlightenment that you received becomes an obligation in your life. We must constantly redirect ourselves to the lives we are living and will the life we want into existence.

All battles prepare us for something coming in the future; everything is preparation for something grandeur. Which means work brings more work; however, when someone doesn’t see a reason for their battles despair becomes inevitable. Which is why we must choose our lives for ourselves because the battles become aligned with something we look to achieve from life. We are never alone when we recognize the universality of living within mankind; wisdom comes from overcoming obstacles and moving deeper within our spirit. We find the beauty within these battles by taking a chance on living and devoting ourselves to maintaining the nourishment required from our souls.

The entirety of our lives want to be recognized; the suffering, the love, the moments that feel like eternity, the moments we want to be eternity all want to be recognized and integrated into our daily understanding. We can, and have, survive everything that comes into our lives; blessings come from confrontation with our deepest suffering. However, most people give into the darkness right before the light is about to burst through and take its place as the dominating consciousness in our lives

Darkness is merely the things that have not been uncovered in our lives, but, I believe, the willingness to uncover and reveal is the true meaning of enlightenment. We must take the necessary step to living within our wholeness of being, and learn to sprint without knowing the amount of time we’ll be running. We unconsciously become a product of the world around us and create from our relationship with ourselves. Which means we must study the thoughts that are invading our consciousness and isolate ourselves to discover the source of our own sounds. We must not become a regurgitation of statistics, quotes, and assumptions from the world around us, but must live through an active pursuit of our own peace. We must face the life that is meant for us.