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The Hero Journey

The Hero Journey by Joseph Campbell might be the most needed text for our spiritual debasement. We contain the same stardust as Buddha, Christ, Shakespeare, and Homer, and must learn to embody their lives. Our relationship to our internal world determines the outcome of our lives. Wisdom comes from acting with the knowledge of our lessons. Prometheus is a metaphor for illuminating the soul. The metaphor for our destiny, our hope, our faith, and the dark mystery of death is found through myths. Joseph Campbell believed in the power of myths to illume our existence, and raise our consciousness. :

The kingdom of God is within, yet without, also; God, however, is but a convenient means to wake the sleeping princess, the soul. The Hero wakes his own soul.

The hero Journey

We must behave with the knowledge of our divinity, and begin each day anew. The Jain’s believed in a divine clock, and they spoke of rising to the third plane of existence. Joseph Campbell examines our relationship to these divine years, and the necessity of making space within our heart to change. The hero journey requires evolution toward bliss, perfection, and beauty–Joseph Campbell says:

The philosophical formula illustrated by the cosmogonic cycle is that of the circulation of consciousness through the three planes of being. The first plane is that of waking experience: cognitive of the hard, gross, facts of an outer universe, illuminated by the light of the sun, and common to all. The second plane is that of dream experience: cognitive of the fluid, subtle, forms of a private interior world, self-luminous and of one substance with the dreamer. The third plane is that of deep sleep: dreamless, profoundly blissful.

The hero Journey

Through myths we learn to see the hero journey in our lives–Campbell says:

Myth is the revelation of a plenum of silence within and around every atom of existence. Myth is a directing of the mind and heart, by means of profoundly informed figurations, to that ultimate mystery which fills and surrounds all existences. Even in the most comical and apparently frivolous of its moments, mythology is directing the mind to this unmanifest which is just beyond the eye.

The hero Journey

Far from being obsolete relics from long-extinguished civilizations, the myths of the ancients have profound lessons for today’s reader. By studying the struggles, transformations, and redemptions of the great heroes, we come closer to discovering the universal truths of the human condition and unlocking the divine potential that lies inside us all. You can follow this up by reading Joseph Campbell on bliss.

The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

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