Peace and Love Lifestyle

Creating Pockets of Mindfulness and Gladness through Yoga and Writing

The Blog’s Mission

The writings are a space for intellectual and spiritual wondering about the meaning of life. Exploring the meaning of love, following our divine purpose, and creating a space of vulnerability that encourages people to explore the depths of their soul through the words of thought leaders, mystics, intellectuals, and my own personal discoveries. A documentation of my spiritual, intellectual, and creative journey of remaining on the path of healing. The blog is an internal dialogue between my spirit and the philosophies, poetry, literature, and stories that came into my life that week. The goal is for the reader to find his self in the writing, and provide the courage necessary to face ourselves.

The Peace and Love Lifestyle is supported through yoga classes and patronage; focused on remaining ad-free in order to provide the best experience possible. Examples of readers favorites are found below:

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The Peace and Love Lifestyle Mature Plan $10.00 per Month. Select
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