The Whole You


Following the great teachers of the world is our intended path. While waiting in line for my food, I inquired about the meaning of life from a man. He responded, "To emulate Christ as much as possible. Though perfection is unattainable, striving for it can positively impact the world." I wholeheartedly concur. Our purpose is to attain wholeness and embrace our divinity, advancing into heightened states of awareness and immersing ourselves in our existence. To achieve this, we must recognize not only the negativity but also the love, joy, peace, and abundance we fervently seek. The Whole You is the free self.

“I am suggesting that we pay as much attention to our nurturing sensibilities as to our ambition. You are moving in the direction of freedom, and the function of freedom is to free somebody else. You are moving toward self-fulfillment, and the consequences of that fulfillment should be to discover that there is something just as important as you are.” – Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison's insight urges us to balance our ambitious pursuits with nurturing our empathetic side. As we strive for personal freedom and self-fulfillment, let us not forget that true fulfillment lies in freeing others as well. By embracing our interconnectedness and recognizing the significance of every individual, we unlock a newfound purpose that goes beyond our individual aspirations, creating a harmonious tapestry where each thread holds equal importance.

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